Need help w/determining compression/dynamic range

I'm 51. After a 15 year period of dealing with mortgage payments and childcare needs, I'm trying to get back into higher-end audio quality - especially when it comes to dynamic range in concert DVDs. I've recently spent countless hours trying to research CDs, MP3s and compression issues - with no resolve.

How can I tell which concert DVDs offer wider dynamic ranges? Or, for that matter,CDs? Is there a rating on the covers? I'm willing to do my homework if anyone can give me a reference. I've just read "Get Better Sound" by Jim Smith with no resolve.

Also, I'm looking to purchase a DVD player which will maximize sound quality when I can determine which DVDs and CDs are recorded with minimum compression and wider dynamic range. Can anyone explain what to look for when purchasing a higher-end DVD player. I've seen ratings for DACs, but am unsure what they mean.

ANY help is appreciated.

I don't know about DVD's but this sight is great for CD's/LP's and downloads.

Just plug in artist/band name or album name.