Need Help w/Audible Illusions Modulus 3a

An opportunity has come my way to purchase an AI M3a for cheap (friend). I am currently building my system, which consists of:

Spendor S5e Speakers
Spendor Sub 3
Arcam CD73t Digital
Rega Planar 3 TT
Audiolab 8000a Integrated Amp(trying to replace w/seperates)

As you can see it is a bit of a budget system, however the Audiolab is the weak point. I am trying to accomplish two things: First, I want to eventually incorporate an HT system into a 2-channel without sound quality I need a pre amp that will allow pass through. This brings me to my first there a way to accomplish this "pass through" with the Audible Illusion pre? Secondly, if the first question can be answered, YES, then I'd appreciate a used amp recommendation that would match my system well (roughly $1k range). I've thought of using McCormack or Muse...any thoughts?

Thanks for your help.
Seems you could plug the HT processor front channel signal into the tape IN and run the signal from the tape moniter/OUT......

Seems easier to acquire a preamp with good stereo sound as well as HT processing like the Audio Refinement unit.
No pass through in the M3A. The tape loop is buffered.
Thanks for your quick responses...C123666 & Bigtee...I was attempting to get a Pre w/phono stage built in. I will have to look into the Audio Refinement. Bigtee can you briefly explain by the tape loop would not work...I'm not familiar with what a "buffer" in the line stage does? Thanks for your help.
Another option would be the Magnum Dynalab 208 receiver. It is awesome, perhaps the best receiver ever made, for two channel and has pass through for home theater. It can be had used for $2000 or less.

The buffer in the tape loop essentially isolates the tape player circuitry from the preamp so there is no interaction. It would probably work but it is not a pass through. You would go through the active buffer circuit.
Audible Illusions addressed this in their newer L-2 unit. It aslo has remote and you can add a phono stage. You don't see this particular unit used much at all. It has a lot of refinements in it over the M3a and older L-1. However, it is around $2500 new plus the phono stage. It would be a wonderful choice if you could find a used one.