Need help using MC cartridge with my Marantz Amp

I am relatively new to the hi-fi world and not a great electrician. I am currently running my system using a Marantz PM8003 integrated with a MM phono stage as the primary driver. I recently purchased a used Clearaudio turntable and a Ortofon Bronze MC cartridge. I purchased a Bellari MT-502 MC transformer for use with the MC cartridge, but it makes a very annoying humming sound when I hook the TT up to the amp through the Bellari transformer. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if the transformer is incompatible with my amp. I would appreciate any advice.
Is the Bellari new? Maybe there is a problem with it-try exchanging it. But first try grounding the TT or phono stage. Also, place the Bellari as far away as possible from the amp. Good luck.
Can you hook up the transformer to the amp without the actual turntable hooked to the transformer and eliminate the hum? If this is true then the issue is in the connection from the TT to the transformer. Is there a ground wire attached in addition to the RCA cables? This sounds like a possible grounding issue if it is not the transformer itself.