Need help upgrgading speakers and amp. Ideas?

Here's my dilemma: I have a relatively new system, but starting to get the upgrade fever, essentially because I'm not quite satisfied with the sound. It's not that the sound is bad. It does sound good, but not with all types of music. Jazz sounds great. Classic Rock, depends on the recording. I'm thinking of upgrading amp and speakers. My ideas on speakers are: Audio Physic Virgo III or Avantis, Monitor Audio GR 60, Joseph Audio RM 33si, Vienna Acoustics Mahler, Coincident Total Eclipse or the Thiel 2.4. I'd like to pair the speakers with either the Pass Labs X250, Plinius SA 250 Mk IV. Any other suggestions.
My current system:
Sunfire Series II Amp
Thiel Cs2 speakers
Cary SLP 88 Preamp
Music Hall 25 CD Player (modded by Parts Connection)
Audioquest sidewinder cables and type 6 speaker cable.
The above is set up in a 12 by 14 listening room.
Also, I'm upgrading to Simaudio Nova CD player, as I heard it recently and fell in love with the clarity and detail.
I appeal to the experienced audiogoners to help me navigate through these waters, so that I can put about 10 large of my bonus to good use.
In my room I'd probably select the Vienna Mahler and the Plinius, however in your room I would not want to commit to a full range floor standing speaker yet - I think you would have a lot of problems with standing waves in the bass due to room dimensions. You're talking of spending substantial money - before you do that I think you should investigate the accoustical limitations of your room and work that into your equation.
Dynaudio Contour s3.4 I know they are not on the list but if you listened to them they might be. Go with the Pass x250 if by chance you dont like (and I mean chance) it has great resale value, but why would you want to get rid of a gem like that. Just my 2 cents, David
Thanks. I forgot to mention that I intend to move the system to larger room 20 by 25. So while, my current room may be too small for such a powerful amp and speaker combo, it should work nicely in the larger room.
For speakers, I would drop the Joseph RM-33si and replace it with Legacy Audio Focus 20/20. I compared these two loudspeakers and to me the 33si sounded somewhat thin and bleached compared to the more natural sounding and full-bodied Focus. I purchased the Focus 20/20 and do not regret it at all even in comparison to speakers costing up to $20 large.
Have you considered the Revel Studio?
I just upgraded from the Martin Logan Sequel II's to them, and absolutely love them. The soundstaging is even better and the dynamic range is unbeatable. I also upgraded from a Levinson No. 27 (100W/ch) to the 23 (200W/ch). (The only system I have heard that sounds really better is a friend who has the Avalon Eidolons, w/a 400W/ch Classe amp).

I also suggest you get back into analog. I purchased a Basis 1400, w/RB 300 arm and a Glider II cartridge. Wow, what a difference over CD!

I have seen a few used Studio's on Audiogon which really makes them affordable!

My two cents worth anyway. Good Luck!
Kurt_tank, Thanks for the input. Forgot to mention that I recently picked up a Pro-ject Wood Classic with Dynavector 10X4 cartridge. Have resurrected my old MFSL vinyl and started buying new vinyl from Classic and Elusive, as well as on Ebay. It is clear that vinyl has a sweetness of sound that you can't get from digital. I forgot how good clean audiophile quality vinyl can sound.