Need help upgrading

I am planning on upgrading my whole system.My limit will be around $5000.00 to $7000.00 even though I do like my current set up.

B&W 683's
B&W 685's
B&W ASW300 x 2
Rotel RMB 1075
Rotel RSP-1069
Rotel RCD-1072
Pioneer SX-780
Epson 720 PJ
IC's and cables MIT Shotgun S3
I just am not 100% satisfied.
So what should I upgrade first.Should I upgrade speakers or electronics?I am not sure I want to stay in the Rotel and B&W family.Even though both are excellent products at times there is just a bit to much clarity for me with this combo.I will be looking for a fluid,smoother,more musical and less cold sound that the Rotel/B&W produces.
I may even go the route of receiver instead of separates but would prefer separates.For speakers I am looking for a little more on the bottom end without loosing any in the mid and top.Any recommendations are welcome.I listen to 70% music and 30% movies and tv.Will consider used.Thanks.
As a after thought I want to say that I just can not get the combo I have now to be satisfying.I have tried different IC's,power cords,dedicated circuits,power conditioners,speaker cables and so on.I have at times thought that I had it all just right but with extended listing and over time it ends up falling short of what I like.
*** I am not saying that it can't be done *** as many members have combined 2 channel and HT together with good results, but I think when you try to combine the two, you have to find equipment that will work for both. Sometimes your choices are limited or equipment that will work is a little more than what we would like to spend.

I say focus on which one is more important or is it possible to leave this system as is and move it to another room and then do a seperate 2 channel ?
The Rotel processor is probably at the core of all this. If you want to maintain the integrity of the home theater and improve the music reproduction I would consider Signal Cable throughout replacing the MIT. If it still doesn't get you there........consider replacing the processor. Also, the 1072 makes for a very decent transport and a Scott Nixon Chibi or Audiosector DAC would kick the snot out of the on board DAC correcting a lot. Just my humble thoughts.
If you're considering combining 2ch w/HT, you might want to bid on the Kora Eclipse that's on auction (for one more day). It's a great tube preamp with a pass-thru for HT. They're rarely listed for sale. I'm very happy with mine. Actually, I recently split up my system and now only use it for 2ch.
my trip started w/rotel 1095&1098 a pair cdm9nts ,transparent cables($2500+)and a pioneer79dvi deck. kept deck,had RAM of riverside do the mods stream off the internet have an excellent p/c audio card ($100) axiom piece($169)and a pair of klipsch kg4s(craigslist$150),and outlaw 2200 amps($700 new i use supra cables($12) the sound is crisp clean with amps very detailed smooth can listen all day easy No sub have speakers lifted off carpet on wood had f5 clone,peachtree decca forte audio 40 harmen/K tube intagr.if you listen to cds get a good deck and mod it the axiom is cheap to start get a speaker that offers a wide fre. range save some cash youll be shocked at the great sound possible on a budget good luck Rich
I am slowly changing my mind on this whole idea of upgrading everything.I have done some searching and these are my current thoughts.
I am very happy with the setup I have for HT.
I do like the setup I have for music...but,am not completely satisfied with it.What I like is the detail.With smooth jazz it is just great.With rock it is just lacking and comes off to detailed and lacks warmth.
So what to do?Since my cdp has a better dac than my 1069 I use the bypass on the 1069 from the cdp. The cheapest solution is to use the contour(tone) controls on the 1069 to smooth it out.But to do this I have to run my cdp to preamp using a digital cable and let the preamp's dac do the processing and the 1069 dacs are not as good as the cdp's.At least in my opinion.
So what options do I have?Get an external dac?And if I got a external dac which one would give me that warm smooth sound.Or replace amp with a warmer smoother amp.Maybe a older 2 channel B&K amp or would a Rotel RB 1080 do the trick?And leave the 1075 multi amp for center and rears.
Any and all input is welcome and needed.Thanks.