Need help trouble shoot: weird noise

So I turned on my system Friday night. When I unmuted my phonostage, I hear a "D-D-D-D-D" noise coming out of both speakers. This noise coming from analog front only. Digital front is OK.

System: Michell Orbe SE w/ SME arm -> Bent Audio MU step-up transformer -> ARC PH3 SE -> ARC LS-25 -> Pass X350.5 -> Verity Parsifal Encore.

I've isolated the noise to come from my analog front end. At first I thought maybe the tubes needed to be replaced or maybe I've busted a capacitor. Upon some experimentation, I was able to isolate the issue to come from the turntable/cartridge.

I unplugged turntable/step-up from phonostage, and the noise disappeared. I then plugged the turntable directly to the phonostage and the noise is there, but not as loud. When I play an LP, the noise would cover over the music. I thought maybe the cartridge or the phono cable was pickup up radio frequency. But when I changed out the cartridge, lead connectors, and the phono cable, the noise is still there. I am sure this is not the grounding noise, as I had unplug the ground, and I get a different noise (on top of the original noise) when that happened.

Could the tonearm be the calprit? Internal wires broke or picking up radio frequency?

I once had a similar issue-turned out the motor pully shifted slightly and was too close to the plater and touched it even so slightly, resulting in a sort of rubbing sound, like D, D, D, D...
Do you mean "Deedeedeedee..." (repeating D sound) or "Deeeee...."?
Most important, do you hear the noise only when the platter is spinning, or even when the turntable is "off"?
It turn out to be the preamp. Somehow wirh DAC powered up, a noise is picked up by the cartridge or phono cable. I tried plugging both sources into different inputs, used a different DAC, to no avail. The noise disappear once I disconnect the DAC from the preamp, or unplug the power from the DAC.

ARC suggests that I try connecting a tape deck to the preamp, and also to swap the tubes in the pre.

It could be your cell phone interfering with the signal. If you leave your cell phone in another room does the noise go away?