Need help to select a speaker

Hi Audiophile people,

I need help to select the smoothest speaker of all.

I grew up using Spendor, Rogers, Tannoy, Wharfedale. I was always fan of British silk sound speakers like Rogers LS35.

The harshest speaker that I had was JBL which still has a smooth sound.

I don't have time or chance to listen to all the new speakers but in need to select a near field listening speaker for Jazz, Blues, vocals, Acoustics with maximum details in low volume.

I am looking at both Bookshelf and Floor standing but I should get better sound quality from a Bookshelf speaker in my experience.

Please share your experience and let me know what I should look at.

I am looking at Brand New and under $5K.




Everyone has an opinion but Dynaudio do not excel at low volume. I sold a pair of Evidence Temptations for that reason. Plenty of high end brands need the volume up a bit to sound great in my experience. 

  Klipsch might be known for brightness as a brand but I heard the Cornwalls today at a dealership and they were downright smooth. Classe amp powering them. Probably not what the OP has in mind.

Look forward to hearing your impressions of the Sonus Faber. I first bought a pair of SF Cremona as an experiment to confirm my theory that these had the sound I was looking for. They confirmed it… incredibly natural, musucal but detailed as well. I ordered a pair of Olympica iii within a week (first shipment to the US, on water at the time). After seven years upgraded to Sonus Faber Amati Traditional… helping my system become the best sounding and looking I have had the pleasure of listening to ( I have listened to more than one million dollar system… impressive but not as musically involving). I find it difficult to drag myself away from it after three hours of listening a day.

I've had four pairs of Dynaudio over the years, from the entry level Audience line to the Confidence 2's and 4's... definitely not a speaker that excels at low volume and not recommended for the OP.

I agree with @rocray on recommendation of monitors from Spendor (Classic line), Graham, Falcon, Harbeth, adding Vienna Acoustics Haydn.

Nothing good about Dynaudio at low volumes. Good sound at low volumes is complex and not related to sensitivity either. There are some speakers with a deserved reputation for good sound at low volumes, Harbeth comes to mind.

How your system attenuates volume matters hugely in this equation too. Autoformer volume controls like those from Slagle excel at low volume listening as they are at max current when at high attenuation, unlike resistor ladders.

As a rule 90% of the low sensitivity monitors out there with main drivers in the classic 6.5" range sound best with SS amps that thump a bit in the midbass (ie Pass) That is where many fall short at low volumes, they need to be playing louder to come on song and sound balanced. An amp that hits a bit harder can make up for that at lower volumes.

Old Tannoy professional system 10 and System 1000 are excellent at low volumes and don't need a ton of power to be on song at low volume. Pretty sensitive too.