Need help to know the value of these items

Hello everyone. I'm portuguese and I got this sound system inheritance. There are elements that I know the brand, others not. So I wonder if there is anyone who can help me.
garrard 301 with tonearm tabriz with a audio-technica cartridge.
3 Russ L (????) tubes amplifiers, one with 2 tangos transformers.
Final speakers.
Pre-amp  Sugden au.41.
best regards.
César Fernandes 

PS: sorry this is a translation made by google maybe doesn't even make sense.

They're worth exactly what someone will pay. Sorry but no one knows. Of course they will not hesitate to opine. But really no one knows. If what you want is to get the most you possibly can though its very simple. Take as many good pictures as you can of every individual item. Do a little research to learn a little about each piece and use that together with some good review clips to write a nice ad for each piece. Then list them all on eBay no reserve auction.

Yes use no reserve. No reserve gets bargain hunters bidding early. It will look for most of the auction like you are about to give it all away for nothing. Until in the last few hours they all start bidding against each other and guess who wins? You do.

I've done this a bunch. Always amazed how much some people will pay to "win" an auction. Only way to go.
Thank you millercarbon... only brand i still havent found any info about
are The Russ L.
ok i will do that. 

 The Garrard 301 has a very definite value in the marketplace. Just look up the prices of other units that may be for sale at this moment, and use those data as a guide. It would also help if you would say what version of the Garrard you have there. Grease bearing or oil bearing, for example. Also, is it in a plinth? If it’s in a plinth, what kind of plinth ? These details determine the ultimate value. 
Lewm, is a Model 301 ( transcription motor) with a roksan tabriz tonearm + audio-technica.

Check out hifishark website.
The Tabriz was produced over time in a couple of versions in which the oscillating or fixed counterweight was changed.
Prices vary depending on the mechanical and aesthetic conditions from a minimum of 350€ to a maximum of 450/500€ if provided with original box, owner manual and accessories
For a more precise evaluation, it is better to see on ebay if you find what prices have been sold.
The Garrard 301 has an identification plate in the front middle under the tone control that will tell you it's either a schedule No. 51400/1 or 51400/2.  The 1 indicates that it was manufactured as a "greased bearing" (earliest model) and the 2 indicates that it's an "oiled" bearing model.  The oiled bearing table was produced later than the greased bearing models.. 
Cesar, I realize we are not using your native language, but I specifically asked about the plinth, and "asmith99" re-enforced my other question: grease-bearing or oil-bearing?  (The word "plinth" in English means the base or the substructure into which the turntable chassis fitted.  Typically, it's there to add mass and to dampen resonances generated by operation of the motor.  Good plinths can be expensive and make a huge difference in performance and value.)  There is no need to convey this information to me; I am no expert on the latest values of a Garrard 301, but many others who read these threads do have such expertise.  Also, you need to use those added details when you inquire elsewhere about resale value.
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Lewm, thank you for The info and patience. 
Ok, The Garrard is a 51400/2. The plinth is a custom one. Very heavy, i thing is a very rígid wood.
PS: as you can see i’m a rookie in this world. The vintage audio.
thank you all.
Have you listened to the system? You might be amazed by the involvement with music you perhaps never experienced, and keep some or all of it. It was my inheritance of a remarkable sound system in 1973, age 25, that opened my ears to a lifetime of enjoyment.

I have sold both equipment and reel to reel tapes on eBay, 

To get more $, do all you can to identify the piece's specifics now, so you can properly describe them when selling. Good photos now to post for help identifying. Those good photos will be needed to list them for sale later. USA gives 12 free photos for each item you list.

You will do better selling individual pieces rather than a 'system'.

Local pickup is the easiest, but will limit your customers a lot. Selling only in your country is easier, perhaps those brands are better known in your country, but selling international is the best way to reach someone who both knows and wants something you have.  

Don't forget, you will pay between 13-15% fees to eBay/Paypal (USA rates) when setting your starting price. And, eBay charges fees on shipping cost, and now charges taxes in USA, even on used equipment.

Shipping costs, local or International: Estimate the size of boxes with protection, and the weight, and pre-price shipping costs to a destination in your country, and pick an average shipping for international shipping. USA has separate prices for country zones, I determine an average, and add 20% for fees and taxes.

eBay USA has arrangements with both UPS and Fed Ex which, if you join their arrangement reduces the shipping cost a lot. This helps you list lower shipping costs which can make a difference when a buyer considers their final price.

I give unconditional returns, buyer pays return shipping, that definitely widens your customer base for used equipment (another reason for you to set it up and listen, verify it works. I have never had a return.
I recommend Audiogon or Audio Asylum Trader or US Audiomart ahead of eBay. You will find knowledgeable and honest buyers via those three venues, way better than eBay.
Elliot lewm, thank you for tips. Im looking and searching searching for those tubes amplifiers the Russ L. Can’t find any info about then. Elliot never listened the system works. I’m scare connect the elements and make some wrong connection and damage some parts ( tubes). 
Found about the Tango’s transformers... is a shishido 2A3 amp. Made by a UK company.
This inheritage is a long funny story.
Never heard of any audio product from a company called "Russ L".  Are you sure it's not "Russell" or similar, with a few letters wiped away?  Even under the name Russell, it rings no bell with me.  However, a Shishido 2A3 amplifier with Tango transformers sounds good, if the speakers are efficient enough.  Can you post a photo?
The SkyFi Audio, told me the Russ L maybe is a home made equipment with good parts. The speakers are a model 7 electrostatic speakers from the Dutch company Final Audio. I thing I have 2 monoblocks tubes for amp the speakers... 
The big problem that I have is wire the components... my brother in law gave me all disconnect... and he forgot to take picture of how the system were connected. 
I have the Michell ISO phone stage for MC cartridges and a Michell Hera psu...
how do I post a photo??
how do I post a photo??
you can use postimage is free

upload one photo at a time from your pc or tablet or notebook and when you load it, a window opens with different options, you will use the second option starting from the top
copy it and paste it into your post ... if you have multiple photos, repeat the same procedure

this is my Tabriz for example, check if yours is equal from the counterweight on the back.
Hi best groove... yes is the same... with a audio-technica at-oc9 mc. I have to clean my system... where i in Portugal, Algarve We don’t have a trust capable person to clean and restore vintage audio equipment. Only in lisbon and the waiting list is huge. Im looking for clean products for clean the metal and contacts... where can I buy it? Ebay?
Sound System
2 monoblocos ( for speakers???)
Russ L
Shishido 2a3 tubes amp

I have to clean my system.
to clean the panel frontal metal and cover top I not use aggressive chemicals but only simple neutral soap three new and soft microfibre cloths, make two cloths damp with water, one must also have a little loose soap, run over the entire surface if it is level, rinse with the second cloth and dry with the last cloth.
If the dirt is stuck in the knobs and in places where it is inconvenient to pass the cloth just use ONLY a clean and new painter’s brush and dust.
To give an example: if the arm is very dusty, just pass a new painter's brush with soft fibers lightly dampened with water, then gently dry with a soft cloth
To clean the contacts you can use deoxidizing sprays, or isopropyl alcohol (in Italy where I live is in the pharmacy) DO NOT USE a alchool disinfectant, that is greasy and not good, use cotton swabs to pass every single contact.
to clean mobile speakers only dry microfibre cloth and dust

If you look on youtube you are looking for tutorials for all these little problems.
simple example