Need help to fix Hales Revelation One

I have a pair of Hales Revelation One setup as surround, recently I found out one there's no sound from one of the woofer, but can't find a way to open the grill or from the rear.
Is tearing off the grill the only way ?
NO !!! The grill slides off from bottom to top. So, grab the steel frame of the grill, use one hand at the bottom, one at the top or middle. A good tug straight up...then slide up and off. It's on slots on each side of the speaker the the grill "rails" slide up and down on.

It's a very ingenious grill system. Once you figure it's simple, effective and very cool.
Thanks so much !
I'm at work now, but I'll try it later today.
Got it !
Again, thanks, the grill cloth actually has a plastic strip acting like a shoe lace and crosses at the bottom. I pulled the crossed section out and .. that's it.
Glad it worked!
Anyone know if it's the same way on the Rev 3? I've tried pulling on the cloth and I cant seem to get it to budge without tearing. The frame does seem to move a bit if I tug it up, but I can't tell what's going on under the sock :/