Need help to find Solid State Amp for Dunlavy SCIV

Looking for amp to run dunlavy sc iv not a, up to 5000.00 for used one, other equipment is proceed pmdt dvd player,proceed pav and pdsd compo, Electraglide ultra khan and mini khan power cords, nirvana sx ltd interconnect and audience au24 speaker cable, right now I am using Sim audio W-5, 2002 model, which is 190 watt per channel,need some more bass, so need something with more power, I am thinking about, parasound monos, mark levinsion 336, krell fpb 600, open for all the suggestions, thanks Paul
I read that Andrew Rigby, formerly of Dunlavy, was particulary fond of the 75 watt/channel Rowland Model 2 with the SC-IVa, but I do not know if this is in fact true.

Respected Audiogon member Sean suggests very powerful amplification for the Dunlavys. That said, Dunlavys are efficient at 91 db/watt and don't drop below 4 ohms, so provided they are not being used in a big room, you can presumably get away with low-powered amps.

I owned Dunlavy SC-III's for a number of years and also owned Rowland Model 6's (the monoblock version -- double the power -- of the Model 2), but did not own them at the same time. The Rowland 2 and 6 amps are extremely well made and have excellent power supplies, and are a good example of a wattage rating not meaning much -- the Model 6's can output >45 amps on peaks (they were far more powerful than my 290 watt/channel Bryston 4B-ST). My guess is that they would be more refined than the Sim amps (they are vintage mid-90's Rowland, with battery power supplies and a list price of over $16k when new). With batteries, they now go for about $5k used.

The best sound I got out of my Dunlavys was with a VAC 70/70 Renaissance Mk. III tube amp. If you are interested in more detail, I'd be happy to describe the amp and the rest of the system I was then running.
Im not sure you're going to solve the bass problem just by throwing more power at the speakers. Placement and your room can have quite an effect on these speakers. I improved the bass on my 4a's by placing them against the long wall and putting a large rug on the floor helped too. Im not saying that an amp change wont help with the lower frequencies, but its not all about the power. I bought an fpb 200 for about $3000 and the bass was incredible. Unfortunately, the top end was too harsh for me. I stepped up 150 watts to the Pass X-350 and the overall improvement was astounding but the bass was a little shy compared to the krell.

Heres an idea, sell your 4's, spend $1000-$1500 more for the 4a's The bass will be much improved and youll save about $4000
Thanks guys, I am thinking that route too to change the speakers to IVa, My room is 14X17 I have projector in the room so I cannot go against the long wall, I got aurios under my speakers, dvd and processor, Plus I got bybee filters for interconnect and speakers, for room tune I got asc 16" and on top asc 11" tube traps, 3 Arget room lenses and two floor standing and room tune pack from Micheal Green, there is no backround noise et all, with every treatment the sound went smaller and smaller but smooth and clean. I want to make it little big and keeping the same clarity. thanks Paul
Hi, I have Dunlavy SC-v and SC4A. I have rowland model 7 and 9tihc amps....I recently purchased the Acoustic reality 1001 monos......Amazingly great amps for 1600..00 per pr.and they are an excellent pairing with my SC-V
I agree with the post above about getting IVAs. I owned the original IVs and while they are good speakers, the IVAs are better in every way. In fact I was surprised at the difference between these two speakers. The IVAs have a overall coherency that the IVs just can't match. JMO: If you like the IVs, upgrade to the IVA before considering other upgrades. I think you'll like what you hear!
Currently, I used IV and my amp is Rowland2. My room is almost the same size like you. In my opnion, Rowland do a good job in overall performance including the bass. However, I don't quite sure how much bass you want since you play some A/V. If you not too hunger, the Rowland 2 can be the choice, while consider the used price at around 2.5 KUS$.

Another choice try a little old amp but bass not disappoint you for sure. Krell KSA250. I think used price less than 2K.
I would suggest you try to hear Steve McCormack's DNA-500. VERY strong, controlled bass, with excellent musicality and presence, and layering/soundstaging you just need to hear for yourself. Presentation is as if "you are there". Loads of power and current if you need it (500w into 8 ohms/900w into 4 ohms) coupled with a real nice musicality. Lots of glowing reviews (made me leery at first) as well - they get it mostly right.

I've heard various Krell, Rowland and Pass amps, and while they are all very good, they don't bring the same sort of smile to my face that the DNA-500 does.

Just something to consider, if you haven't already.....
thanks everybody for your opinion, I heard that from few friends before that 4a has lot more bass, so today I sold my speakers, Now i am going to look for 4a or anything equal to that. I would like suggestions if I go with 4a or I can get anything better in the same price range which is about 4000.00 thanks Paul
I agree with the Rowland suggestion try a pair of model 1's in mono or a model 5
If you like the sound of the dunlavys, stick with them. You really cant do much better for the money