Need help to file a FEDEX claim - damaged Nakamichi TA4A

Hello folks, a well packed recently serviced Nakamichi TA4A was damaged by FEDEX while in transport. Both corners of the faceplate were damaged. FEDEX is requiring some documentation for the claim. How can i find the cost of a faceplate (or is there someone repairing them). Also how do i find the fair market value of the TA4A (i bought it new). Many thanks for all your help
Your Insurance company will have a Blue book with its value. Problem is, the value won’t be that much. You may call a vintage electronics seller and get some advice. Or get an estimate from the one who serviced it. Good luck
So this was in a factory shipping box? An FedEx damaged it? The corners on the faceplate. I could see one corner, but corner (S) in factory packing.. I don't think so... It came lose whatever it was packed in..

I would first try the unit, (verify it sounds great as advertised).  ASAP so someone else doesn't beat you to that faceplate.

Assuming good, then buy that replacement faceplate, switch it, (or pay a local electronic shop switch it for you),

IOW solve the problem, then submit the invoice(s) to FEDEX.

If you lose, you would have lost anyway.