Need help TEAC Sac UD504

I am buying a new dac and have no chance to audition any. Currently using Musical Fidelity VDac2 with VLink192 and their Vpower supply (3piece combo). Have any one heard the Teac ud503? Will use it as a dac and as a preamp for my system.

Is this a upgrade in sound or a side shift? Currently listening mostly ripped red book and sacds. Little high resolution material and no dsd, but moving in that direction soon.
Thanks in advance for any feedback, especially if it's on the ud503.
Error on the tread heading. Model is UD503. Sorry.
Could the subject heading be changed?
I have the TEAC UD-503.  A fantastic DAC.  Very versatile. Smooth presentation.  Choose no upsampling or various upsampling up to DSD. Works as a pre-amplifier if desired. Remote. True balanced. Line inputs also.  I'm very satisfied.