Need Help Subsonic Filters, where can I get one?

I have rumbling in my LPs, the warped ones, etc...and my tempest pre-amp's phono section does not have a subsonic filter, where and how can I get one and what works?
Please, advice!!!
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Look for Nakamichi SF-10 subsonic filters. Years ago they used to sell for about $20.00CDN. Dealers that sold Nak might have some of these laying around. Good luck.
A good deal of LP rumble is not "subsonic". Although a subsonic filter will prevent your amplifier power being wasted, it may not solve the audible problem you are having.

You might consider the Audio Control Richter scale (several hundred dollars) which has a good subsonic filter, as well as a 1/3 octive equalizer covering the range from about 150 Hz down. It also has an electronic crossover section, in case you ever want to biamp, or subwoof.
Perhaps you simply have a poor matchup of cartridge and tonearm.
Thank You TWL. Applying "band-aids" is not always the best solution. Fix the problem, not the results of the problem.
Buscis2...I agree that a rumble filter and/or a LF equalizer like the Richter scale, is a "bandaid". So is the use of expensive vinyl playback equipment. So, for that matter, is the RIAA equalization curve. Bandaids are often practical.

However, to really fix the root problem of LF noise you need to adopt digital discs or tape. (This would not be necessary if DBX LPs had caught on).

Eldartford, I would also have to assume that you practice the use of heartburn medications instead of avoiding foods that give you heartburn?
It HAS been kinda dull around here Eldartford. Thanks for stirring things up!
Buscis2...As you will note (by reading my comment) I think that the best thing is to avoid the problem. I don't eat much vinyl. But when I do, my rumble filter avoids distress.
Eldarford, Do I detect a tone in your voice?

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Beethoven/Symphony No.7 (A DBX encoded LP)

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Our time could also be entertained by discussing antiquated, miserably failed, unaccepted technologies developed as "band-aids" in order to attempt to repair problems that should not have existed in the first place.

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An expedient response is requested.

Most Respectfully, Ed.

Buscis2...I gather that you still have DBX encoded records. All my objections to the vinyl medium (well almost all) are put aside when we talk about these discs. I no longer have them, but when I did I thought that they were as quiet and as dynamic as digital discs. A bloody shame they died.

I guess I would categorize DBX encoding, like RIAA equalization, as a "band aid" on the basic recording media, but a very effective one. To extend the medical analogy, if the symptoms are completely relieved, you really don't need to cure the disease.
Oh, with a great degree of reluctance I have to admit, Yes. I still have the DBX records I mentioned. I actually had about a dozen of them (I think that was the complete DBX library). I gave them all away yet these two managed to hide and avoid transfer of ownership.

My opinion of the DBX format was very much like yours. As I am sitting here reading the gatefold cover, I am still amazed that DBX claimed a 90db dynamic range through their use of "Linear Decibel Companding". It DID work. I had actually started with the original 3BX. That unit was the ORIGINAL all discreet unit. The rack mountable 3BX and 4BX units that followed used ICs.

The use of the 3BX in conjunction with a Luxman 10 band parametric equalizer and a DBX 222 tape noise reduction unit was the cats ass. (That was a whole BOX of band-aids).

All that shit back then "daisy chained together". Let's see , if memory serves, it went from Pre Amp to EQ, EQ to DBX, DBX to Noise Reduction, Noise reduction to Tape Deck, Tape deck BACK to Noise reduction, Noise reduction to DBX, DBX to EQ, EQ to Pre Amp and finally Pre Amp to Amps. I always firmly believed in the shortest possible signal path.

And now I cringe just thinking about using a separate power amp.

P.S. What about dinner? We could forget about the Tums.
buscis2 (Ed)
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