Need help: Starting new system long

Hi, this is my first post here, so please forgive me if I missed previous similar posts.
I am looking for a new system, and I need some advice as for how to best integrate two digital sources, in the form of an optical TOSLINK, from a computer and a CD player (for the CD, I could also use the analog output). I would like to also have the capability to listen to analog sources (a tuner comes to mind). My budget is limited to a few thousands. There are a few ways to do this:
1. Buy a DAC and feed the digital input(s) into a conventional system. Advangages: Lots of options for conventional equipment. Disadvantage: have to buy one extra component, the DAC.
2. Buy a preamp or amp that has a DAC input. This would seem to be the more reasonable option to me. I have only made some limited research, but is seems that I cannot find preamps with DAC inputs (I would prefer to keep preamp and amp separate for more flexibility). I have found the Mambo amp, but I am not sure how good it is.
3. Buy a fully digital preamp. I have no idea about this. Can someone please give me some pointers to good products at reasonable price, if such exist (I am ready to buy used).
4. Go all the way digital including amp. Have no idea about this either, but it seems new and risky.

To give you an idea of where I am coming from, I used to have Electrocompaniet amp and preamp, and Mirage 3 speakers. A combination that I loved, but I doubt I can afford now.

Thanks for your help.
The RDP-1 pre should work .As for amps,will 100w/ch work? Try the Art SLA-1or2 {E-Bay new:about $200,contact Lithojoe knows the gentleman who mods them,possibly another $200-400}.
Tpsonic, I am a bit perplexed by your answer: You suggest buying a $5000 preamp and a $250 amp. This seems very unbalanced to me...
These amps aren't bad,when modded.They are no slouches.The amps can be upgraded latter.If you bugger the heart of the system {preamp},you'll have many more bridges to cross before you can rest.And the digital parametric EQ can be handy for room/bass problems.
Remember,it's just two cents worth of advice.Take what you need and discard the rest.
There is now a Z systems RDP-1 selling for $1700,here at AudioGon.More money for amps?
after looking up info on the ART SLA1/2, I think I will try those. At $279 new for SLA2, what do I have to loose?

I am considering Musical Fidelity CD/Pre 24. Seems exactly what I need.
Germ,you will need to convert the input jacks over from quarter inch "headphone" jacks and get rid of the fan.There are other mods.Lithojoe can direct you,in the right direction.Tom