need help setting up my monolithic phono stage

i have a vpi hw19 mk.11 with a well tempered arm. cart. is a benz ace high output(2.5) and i have a bat vk3i preamp. i am setting up a monolithic ps1/hc1b and have a few questions. i am confused about some of the settings. subsonic filter up or down?? what load impedance?-47k-10k-1k-100ohms. capacitance?-100pf-270pf-370pf. gain?-26db-35db-44db-53db. thanks in advance for your help,newfane.
I don't know what settings will work best with your cart in your system but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out just by trying them all. There is no risk of damaging your cart with any of the settings. Here's how I went about it. I can't hear any difference with the subsonic filter on or off so I leave it on as it provides some degree of protection for the woofers.

I temporarily connected the PS-1 in a position where I could easily change the settings while playing an LP. I started out with 47K and 100pf. Then with a record playing I tried the different resistive settings. The changes were readily apparent with 47K sounding by far the best. I then did the same with the capacitive settings. The changes were not as readily apparent but it soon became clear that 100pf worked best with my setup. I believe the interconnects between the TT and the phono stage will affect which capacitive setting you will need to use.

I looked up your cart and found no spec for capacitive load and the recommended resistive load is between 200 ohms and 47K so there is quite a range there. I really believe that trial and error is the best way to determine the best settings.

I forgot to add, to set the level I just matched it to the output of my CD player so that when I change sources between my CD player and TT the volume stayes about the same. If the TT is your only source start out with the lowest gain and if you can't get the desired volume step up the the next higher gain until you can get the listening level you want. It will depend on how much gain the rest of your system has as to how much gain you need from the phono stage.