Need help setting up MC cartridge phono-stage

I am an amateurcurrently getting into hi-fi and need some set-up help. I am curently running a system with a Marantz PM 8003 intergrated amp and 8003 SACd player. The integrated has a phono stage but the booklet says it is for MM only. I recently purchased a Clearaudio tuntable and mounted a Ortofon Bronze MC cartridge. I purchased a Bellari MT-502 MC transformer for the MC crtridge. However, when I hook it up there is a loud annoying hum. I figure I must be doing something wrong or need an additional component. Does anyone have a suggested wiring diagram or know what I am doing wrong?
First off, did you follow the directions on hooking it all up? It sounds as if you have negelected to ground the turnable to the Bellari. There should be a supplied grond wire with the turntable, hook it to the ground lug on both the table and Bellari. You may then need to ground the Bellari to the integrated amp. Try this, if it applies, and we'll go from here.

Good luck,