Need HELP selling MFSL and High End LPs

I have a bunch (70 ish) MFSL, Telarc, and other audiophile LPs. I haven't owned an phono in 5 years.... I would appreciate any advice on how to price and sell. They have been well care for and stored properly. One thought would be guarantee condition and promptly deal with any problems. I am interested if it is worth the bother of cataloging, photographing, and listing. Ranges from Jazz to Rock to Classical. Anyone know of Online bluebook or other pricing reference?? Anyone who helps gets first shot at any item!! Thanks. Ed
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I spent about a year selling my audiophile & japanese pressings on eBay with good results.

I would recommend the following:

Post at least 10 albums at one time, 9.99 minimum bid, bid ending between 7-9pm on Fridays. Themes are a good idea, post rock and roll one week, jazz another. Make sure audiophile is in the title (people search on that), MFSL, Telarc, M&K, Nautilus, 1/2 Speed; all of these are ones that people use to search, get them in the title as you can. (the fanatics will be searching in descriptions also, so be sure you get those search terms as part of your description)

you really NEED a picture, and I've personally had the least amount of hassle with for image hosting. Be accurate and ruthless in your descriptions. Grading the cover, if there's any defects list them, and really take the Goldmine ratings to heart for record condition. It's better to underrate an album, which makes for a happy winner.

If you were using reference equipment to play your albums, list what you used. If you had a Nitty Gritty or VPI, tell them.

Over 500 albums sold, and I only wound up replacing 3. I didn't guarantee anything, I just took care of business to make the buyer whole if a problem arose.

You can go out to, and get free shipping materials, the large boxes make perfect shipping envelopes, when you use them flat, and USPS even provides packing tape for priority shipping.

I charged $5.75 for up two albums, $1.50 each additional, and this worked out to a few cents difference either way when I insured them & used delivery confirmation -- the free packing materials from the the USPS allowing me to get the wax to the customers in a couple days from receipt of payment (PayPal IS worth the tithe, the bidders generally pay you rapidly, if you ship them rapidly, you can have the transaction over and done with within 5 business days.

International shipping. I was able to get the highest bids over 60% of the time going. The really high amounts for bidding came when more than one foreign bidder was involved.

Shipping to the rest of the world is both expensive (on average $11 for the 1st LP, and $6 for each additional), and time consuming -- customs prep takes time.

I charged an additional $5 shipping/packing fee per shipment. I got some serious grief from some of the winners (particularly Italy for some reason), on this, but I posted shipping policies and prices clearly in the item description, and you can't be responsible for marginal abilities to read English by the bidder.

Couple other items that may be of interest -- Japanese pressings in excellent condition command major money, particularly classic rock'n'roll from the 70s - my Santana, Rolling Stones, Beatles for example. These sold for more than their MFSL counterparts (not counting my UQHRs).

Also, in the USA, All Quad recordings, both SQ & QS were in high demand, regardless of type of music. (I was getting higher bids on EMI German SQs than British shaded dogs)

Hope this helps.
You may also want to take a bit of time to check ob eBay to see what the going market price of some of you LP's is. Telarcs don't seem to be worth much (despite being VERY good), but prices of some of the MoFi's may surprise you. If you search eBay using MFSL as the keyword, limit your search to the categories Music:Records, and click on "Show Completed Items" you'll see what many of your LP's have sold for in the past 30 days. You can also buy one of several price guides (e.g., Gold Mine) at Barnes & Noble, but they are far from comprehensive, and not as accurate as eBay on the current "market value" of audiophile pressings. BTW, I buy a lot of vinyl on eBay and would be MORE than happy to take some LP's off your hands once you've priced them!