Need help selecting speakers for my amp.

Hi Folks,
I have a Parasound HCS 2200ii amp and I'm trying to add some speakers. In my price range the ones I have zero'd in on are the Dali Zensor 7. I have some concern about the power handling of these speakers as the amp puts out more than they seem rated to handle. I know it's desirable to have some extra power on the amp side but does anyone have input on whether this would be a good match? The Zensors are rated up to 150w but the amp cranks out more (from 250w up depending on Ohms). Also the speakers say they are 6 ohms but the amp only lists 2, 4 or 8 ohms. Would that be a problem as well? I love the sound of these speakers but I want to make sure they match the amp and I don't want to waste any power if my amp can handle more.
Thanks in advance for your valued advice!
I would not worry about the amp having more power than speakers can handle. It only becomes a problem if you plan to blast the amp at full power in a concert or big auditorium setting. The zensor 7 has sensitivity of 90 so you dont need much power to play at loud volumes anyway. I would just hook it to the 4 ohms. The nominal impedance is 6ohms but it will drop to 4 ohms or so when playing most music.
Thank you Kollamala! I appreciate that info!