need help selecting Oppo

I am trying to figue out what Oppo unit would work best for me in a very modest 2 channel system that would have to use a universal player. Both my space and budget are limited. I now use a NAD L73, all in one unit, but music vocals can be "edgy" so I find myself not listening very often. I plan to replace this unit with a decent integrated amp. Any advice or other products recommendations would be welcome. My speakers are Vienna Acoustic Haydn's.
For audio, the 980. For video and audio, the 983.
Oppo website-hit the compare button and you should find your answer.
I'm using an Oppo 980 DVD player. I am not using the
internal DAC's but an external Scott-Nixon Tube DAC.
If I were you before I actually changed anything I would experiment with some different Cable between the NAD and your Haydn's. NAD gear has a tendency to sound a little on the soft side on the top end where you may be hearing the hardness. That's why I suspect cable first. Silver cables may not be your friend here. It could be your current CD player or it's cables too. If you are already using some pretty good cables that are not normally bright
or edgy then try a Scott Nixon tube DAC. I'm sure the edginess will disappear. But the Oppo and the Scott Nixon DAC is an awesome combination. I have tried to listen to it both ways and I keep coming back to the Scott Nixon DAC. I tried several other DVD SACD/DVDA players from Sony, Pioneer, Marantz,and Phillips and all of them sounded much better w the DAC than without. These were all budget players all below $500.
I have a friend that has two of the Scott Nixon DACs and he is using a more expensive Denon and a JVC unit both play SACD's and DVD A's. His systems are very musical.

Understand that if you do purchase the DAC you may not be able to listen to SACD or DVD A disc. And your volume on the remote may not function either. And last if you decide to purchase an Oppo DO NOT
download the firmware updates and install them.
Any of the Oppo models will be good for you. Looking here on Agon, there is a very nice 981HD for $160, GRAB IT!

Good luck!

whats wrong with their firmware?
Oppo 981 is not as good on audio as the other units.
970 or 980 best for audio only w/ occasional video.
983 is best video.