Need help selecting my new Amp setup!

I am upgrading my TT to a Thorens TD203 while keeping my JBL J1000MV tower speakers.
I have thought about going with either an integrated amp (Yamaha S501, Sprout 100, Marantz PM6006 etc)
Could even go with a vintage unit!

Or going with a separate phono and amp.
The phono that looks like a good choice is Schiit Mani phono and an Emotiva amp.
If i do go with the phono/amp combo i would probably stick with the Mani and find an amp to go with it.

Budget would like to stay at around $700 or less.
Eventually i will be upgrading the speakers, but they are in great working order so im gonna keep them around for a while.
Any and all inputs welcome!
Search for a used integrated amplifier that best mates with your speakers. What is the sensitivity and impedance of the JBLs? 

Here are the specs on the speakers:

Sensitivity (1 watt/1 meter): 92dB
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Recommended amplifier power: 10 to 175 watts
Frequency response (-6 dB): 40Hz to 20kHz
Crossover frequency: 3.5kHz
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If you're upgrading tables, what amp were you using? If you're serious about phono it might make more sense to keep whatever amp you're using and upgrade to a much better phono stage. Huge improvement with a good stage vs the card they use in an integrated. Not to mention housing a DAC in the same chassis as a phono stage is death to phono quality.
Any good SS amp would hold its own


 check the gon used gear for a great amp.
What about an Adcom GFA 6002 with variable input sensitivity and 70 wpc into 8 ohms.  $600.

I wish I had kept my original GFA 535.
My current Amp and Phono set up is as follows:

Lepy LP-2024A+ Class-T Digital amplifier (20W RMS)
Pyle PP444 Mini phono preamp

Both purchased a couple years back off of Amazon when i first got my TT


I wish I had kept my original GFA 535.

I purchased one a couple years ago in great shape. Always wanted one in the 80’s. It was ‘fine’, the original Pass version. But then replaced it with a B&K 125.2 original and unloaded the Adcom quickly to an Adcom devotee. The B&K was so much better in comparison. Much warmer, deeper, and everything just sounded musical, probably because it uses mosfets. The Adcom just sounded dry, hard, and analytical. Got that desire out of my system.

Now a vintage Belles 400A replaced the B&K. And it is quite a keeper. Does everything the B&K did with more of everything. Hated to sell the B&K though.....not so much the Adcom.

To the O.P. ; personally, I would go with a separate phono pre, this is one thing I believe should be consider upgradable as a separate. Personally I like separates, but also know there are good integrated amps out there. For $700, you might look at the IOTAVX SA3. Never heard it, but has gotten very good reviews for the money, and would come in well under $700, so the Mani would be a nice phono pre in addition. Or, think used.
So i think that i will get the Schitt Mani phono, seems like keeping that separate from the rest of the system is the way to go.
Also, since this is going to be a majority TT setup, with the possibility of playing some stuff through bluetooth, is a DAC even needed?

So now that the phono stage is going to be its own item, what would be the way to go regarding the amplifier?