Need help...Rotel or Parasound amp for my Vandesteens model 2 sig?

I am putting together a 2nd system in my bedroom and I want to keep the cost down. Which combo is going to give me the best sound? 

1) Rotel 1570 integrated amp.
2) Parasound Halo intergrated amp OR
3) Sony ta-1 intergrated amp.

I listened to all kinds of music and I will be adding a music streamer as well.
Any info is greatly appreciated 
I bought B&W CM10's a few months ago and was not satisfied with the Peachtree Nova 125 that I had at the time. I first tried the Rotel 1570 but didn't care much for it. I then upgraded to Rotel separates (preamp and 1582), but still didn't like it much. I tried to live with it for a few weeks but never warmed up to the Rotel sound. I found it to be a bit too warm for my taste, and the clarity was just not there. Everything was a bit soft/loose around the edges, especially base. I returned the units to Best Buys after a couple of weeks.

I replaced it with Parasound Halo A23/P5 combo and have been very happy with the sound. For my system, the Parasound was a better choice. Smooth, balanced and, most importantly, the bass is much more punchy and taut. I am now in the process of upgrading to A21 for want of more power, but to be honest I can easily live with the A23.

From what I've heard the Parasound integrated has similar sonic qualities as the A23/P5 combo, but with a much better DAC. Having listened to both Rotel and Parasound, my vote is for Parasound. But of course, I have never tried to pair them up with Vandersteens.
The Parasound is going to be the better integrated.
Rotel is better w/ separates. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Thanks for the input. I think I'm leaning towards Parasound.
But, I was just thinking, if I have a budget of around $1500 is there an older intergrated amp you can recommend such as an older krell or bryston amp? Man this hobby keeps my head spinning! Cyclops
runs the heck out of your Steens
Bro in law has same speakers, Odyssey and a Bluesound vault
amazing SQ ! 

If saving money is your first priority then pick the least expensive and see if you like how it sounds.  Otherwise you haven't said what you like in terms of sound quality.  The "best sound" is entirely subjective and is only an opinion, your opinion in fact.  If you give us more meaningful criteria we may be able to give you better direction.