Need help replacing my beloved Magnepan....

I have been using Magnepan for years in my basement and I am moving to a new space where I need to set up a new listening room in my living room. I am looking for Bookshelves or small tower speakers' recommendations because I won't be able to use my beloved 1.7i Maggies anymore in my new space. I loved the huge wall of sound and the amazing transparency my 1.7i produce. Which speakers can get me close to what Magnepan can do?  I listen to a lot of Jazz vinyl and my system consists of: Atoll IN200SE integrated amp, Tube Phono preamp: Rega Planar 3 with Nagaoka cartridge, denafrips dac with all acoustic zen interconnect + Clear Day DSG speaker cables. Thank again for all your recommendations in advance.
Many box-type speakers are capable of similar transparency, and many more are capable of better resolution. I love Maggies for what they do well. Yes, they sound boxless but they’re lacking in resolution.

For your budget, a pre-owned pair of Audio Physics should do the trick -- Virgo Tempo, or Avanti.

I forgot to mention Underwood HiFi has LSA 10 Statement bookshelf speakers that have exceptional bass and have won a few awards
Legacy Audio Studio HD Monitors with a JL Audio D110 sub (if needed). Under $3K retail at list price.
In 1981, I brought a second hand pair of MG-1s.  Over the next 35 years I owned another 4 pairs of Magnepans.  I went from the 1s to 1Cs and then to 1.4s.   After that I owned 1.6s and finally 1.7is.  Each time I changed speakers, I would listen to other brands but I always ended up buying the Magnepans.

As my retirement approached, I realized I was going to need something that would work in a smaller space. I found a local dealer who sold Harbeths. I started by auditioning the 30.1.  Great speaker!  A couple weeks later, I went back and listened to the 7ES.   Another great speaker!!  A couple weeks later, I listened to the SHL5 Plus and I realized that was the one the checked all my boxes.

I spent the next year auditioning amplifiers and eventually settled on the Leben CS600X. With the music I enjoy, the combination is simply sublime. I don’t miss the Maggies at all. Having said that, Magnepans are wonderful speakers; they do so many things so well. It’s easy to get hooked. I enjoyed every minute I spent with them.

My point is, there are many great speakers. They are not going to have all the strengths of Maggies but they will thrill you in new and different ways. You need to take your time and audition everything you can. Find the ones that work their magic for you.

It’s a journey; enjoy it.