Need help replacing my beloved Magnepan....

I have been using Magnepan for years in my basement and I am moving to a new space where I need to set up a new listening room in my living room. I am looking for Bookshelves or small tower speakers' recommendations because I won't be able to use my beloved 1.7i Maggies anymore in my new space. I loved the huge wall of sound and the amazing transparency my 1.7i produce. Which speakers can get me close to what Magnepan can do?  I listen to a lot of Jazz vinyl and my system consists of: Atoll IN200SE integrated amp, Tube Phono preamp: Rega Planar 3 with Nagaoka cartridge, denafrips dac with all acoustic zen interconnect + Clear Day DSG speaker cables. Thank again for all your recommendations in advance.
I owned Magnepan 1.7’s I sold them and purchased a pair of PMC Twenty Five 23’s. I have been very happy with the replacement. 
Get the new Maggie LRS and sub. You'll spend less than $3500 and keep that Maggie sound.
My first actual audiophile system included the Magneplanar Tympany 1Bs. Loved those speakers, but had to sell due to space limitations as well. Went through a number of iterations and finally settled on the Dunlavy lineup. Some of the speakers are huge, but the Signature 1s are bookshelf size and match up well with some of the newer sub manufacturers such as SVS. Dunlavy closed shop a couple of decades ago, but the brand still enjoys a loyal following. 
I like the idea of getting the Maggie LRS and a couple of subwoofers. Also the Magico A1s and two subs would also be good, if you have to have small main speakers. If you can do a pair or towers that would open up a whole can of worms and other recommendations. 
Second the Fritz Carbon 7 series. I would ask anyone here to tell me they have heard a better quality sounding bookshelf speaker for under 3 grand, made and serviced by a master craftsman.