Need help putting together a bedroom system

Now that my main system is headed down the right path I'd like to fix up a bedroom system to replace a crappy old teac minisystem. I have a bunch of gear from older systems which is all too unweildy for my bedroom and not amazingly synergistic:

A pair of Mission 783s (floorstanders with the woofers on the sides)
MIT Terminator 2 speaker cable
An old carver MX150 receiver (150 wpc)
A pair of blueroom minipods
1 Pr. Homegrown Audio ICs
No Source!

I don't have a ton of room so the Missions are a challenge b/c they need a good amount of space to breath, and even then they're hard to position. I like the looks of the Blueroom Minipods, which are fun, but they don't sound so great. The carver is just too big and it also needs some repairs which I'm hesitant to shell out for because it's been in and out of the shop a lot. I had a Nad c541i which I loved, but had to sell to pay for the SCD-1.

I tend to listen to more folk/jazz/soul in my bedroom so I don't need a ton of power, and would actually welcome a warmish sound. I'm also intrigued about tubes (onix? Primaluna? Jolida?...there are a bunch of Chinese ones that fit the bill but worried about reliability), but would look at SS options to

Any recommendations on a nice small integrated that would be around $300-500 used and has a remote and a CDP for around the same price?

Also, should I stick with the missions, or the minipods? I could sell both, but then what to replace them with?

I'll be upfront and say that I could probably compile a list of CDPs and integrateds, but I'm curious what you all are using or are fans of in this situation, and then what CDPs/Integrates would mesh well with my speakers, or if I should sell everything and reinvest in a new system (which leaves me with too many options).

Thanks for your help, and sorry for my typically long-winded questions!
In my small system, actually in a bedroom, I've been using a NAD C-541i with great results. There have been several integrateds in the system along with the amp and one that worked well with a warm sound was the Audio Refinement Complete. Only 50 watts but it seemed plenty in my room. There were also quite a few monitor speakers in the last two years, but none of them did it for me. Not knowing how much floor space you want to devote to your system it's hard to recommend speakers. I did find that floorstanders took up no more real estate than the monitors on stands as long as I was reasonable. For a warm speaker though I like Meadowlark Audio Kestrel Hot Rods. Not too large with wonderful sonics. Good luck.
I have probably spent more time putting together a bedroom system, as it will
not only need to meet with some WAF factor, but it will probably be the
system most used by your wife.

The system should be straightforward ... as in 3 components at most ... a
receiver/integrated amp; a CD or CD/DVD player; and a pair of small
speakers. It should be simple to operate (like press one or two buttons and
you're done).

Assuming that your Carver receiver is in good shape, I would use that as the
basis of the system. Then, add a pair of good small speakers like the NHT
SB1 ($200 a pair list) and a Panasonic CD/DVD player (like the F87 at $120)
and you should be in business. This would have you at a cost of $320 (list).
If you want to retire the Carver, a receiver like the Denon DRA395 ($350) or
Denon 1905 ($399) would do the job nicely.

In my bedroom set-up, the stereo components (a vintage Marantz 2240
receiver and a Pioneer PD 65 cd player) and TV are in a bookcase about six
feet from the bed. The speakers (NHT SB2) are on top of the bookcase.

Also keep in mind that in the bedroom, there are rarely any ideal sitting
places, etc. ... so half of the audiophile concerns just don't come into play ...
just good sound.

Regards, Rich
You might want to check out some of the receivers that are out there. I use the combination of the Arcam AVR200 and the DV88 player for CD but can use the DVD as an option when we decide on a suitable TV. For speakers, I am using a OLD pair of Polk Audio 4A's from my college days. I know the speakers could be improved upon, but currently it is sufficient. Good luck!
Audio Refinement Complete
Jolida CD player
NHT SB3 or VSA VR-1 or current speakers
Fanfare tuner
I like low power digital amps and efficient speakers for the bedroom. Great sound for the type of music you mentioned. Cheap to buy($100 for a 30wpc tripath)and cheap to operate. You can leave it on while you sleep and it runs cool and sucks almost no power.
There's lots of fine sounding single driver speakers out there that work perfect for this type of setup.
Our bedroom system is

Jolida JD100 CDP
Jolida 302B integrated
Meadowlark Kestrel 2
Harmonic Tech and Tara cables
PS Audio Humbuster 2
Lovan stands

pure tube bliss
Just mimick Stevecham's system. I know the CD player and integrated go together like a dream for budget prices. The rest of the stuff I'll trust him on.
Thanks everyone...I think the Jolida stuff is the way to go considering my price range. I'm going to sell both sets of speakers (if anyone's intersted in them let me know) and maybe go with the totem rainmakers after saving up some more scratch.

Thanks everyone,