Need Help - PS Audio IV H PreAmp

Ok members need some help here. Need to locate a factory repair manual for this preamp.Someone out there have this.PS Audio themselves have been zero help,so its up to Audiogon Members once again.
I have no idea where to look for help on this one. If you need voltages measured at specific points, i can do that for you. I have one of these buried in my basement somewhere. Sean
Sean--Whats happen here is that someone tried to modify this unit and knew nothing about what they were doing.Trying to help a friend of mine repair this PreAmp.It has gotten so bad that some of the foil is lifting from the circuit board. Make no mistake I do appreciate your response to this thread. Been a help many times here.Once again thanks--Ned
You can simply slice the damaged trace and remove it at the point of damage. Replace it with wire that would be sufficient to pass enough currrent and solder point to point. Drop me a direct email if i can be of further help. Sean