Need help pricing home theater set up

I have a full phase tech home theater system I’m thinking of selling . It’s the whole set up including 2 of  the pc 9.5 4 way tower speakers, pc 33.5 3 way center speaker , 4 of the pc surround ll speakers   . Pc wl12 subwoofer . All powered by the onkyo receiver . Also comes with acp power conditioner.
look at ebay sold items
second hand audio is about 1/3  of retail ... sometimes even cheaper ... i'm kinda a bargain hunter... sometimes i see very dissent stuff  at give away price.  
Your question in essence is, "What's the most I can get?"
And the answer is: No one knows!
That's why we invented the auction.
And I can tell you, stuff like this, the way to go is no reserve.
Thankyou for the input . I have been researching and I haven’t been able to find much on the phase tech except new prices . Also the set up is in brand new shape so I think I should be able to get more then a 1/3rd of retail 
In a basic setup, you might have a TV, AV receiver, Blu-ray Disc or DVD player, media streamer, and possibly a VCR (or DVD recorder). In addition, you will need at least five speakers and a subwoofer. In our event management setup, we normally take from basic to high-level Ac receivers for better customer experience and so far it worked well. حسين البداد