Need help planning out my home theater

So, finally about the time for me to be able work on my basement home theater and wanted some help/tips to plan it out right. The space is 11 by 22 with the height from floor to drop ceiling about 8 feet (about another foot or so from drop ceiling to 1st floor). The wall I'll be projecting on to is 8 by 11 and although I'd like to have a huge screen I don't want a screen that doesn't make sense for the space or has other shortcomings. Also, I keep reading about projectors with a short throw and have seen ones that project from 8 feet away to 4 feet away, are the worth it? Better to go with ones that project from furteher away? Not looking for 4k display epecially given the price range (aiming for about a $1000 to $1500 budget for most of the setup, not sure that's too low?) but would love to have a 3d picture if possible. I plan on using the projector/screen to watch blu ray movies, football and hockey games (through directv) and to play xbox one on (mainly first person shooter games) so would appreciate any guidance people can provide me in picking the right projector/screen for the space and needs. Also any tips on how I should plan the space out (lighting, speakers, equipment, wiring) would be greatly appreciated. PS the space does have 2 glass block windows that are the only source of outside light and I imagine there are tricks to dealing with them as well. Thanks in advance for your help!!!!
Waaaait, $1,500 for the screen and projector, or $1,500 for audio + video?

Also, room acoustics. Contact GIK for professional help and great products at great prices.
Exposed floor joist can be an acoustical asset.