Need Help, Pio Elite PRO-111FD / Denon DVD-3930ci?

Hello all,
I tried hooking up my DENON DVD-3930ci to my new Pioneer Elite PRO-111FD - I do not have a receiver or pre/pro - so, I'm just connecting them with a HDMI cable - no pictures/no sounds - I read the manual on the ELITE and still confused - I can not locate my manual for my DVD player - However, on the player, it states HDMI connected.... I'm just baffled.... Please help and I thank for all of your help!


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Okay, thanks for some of you that emailed me directly - I tried several other HDMI inputs on the Pioneer and try to set it up through the On Screen Display - no such luck, found some old RCA/Components cables, and now I got video and sound! So, I'm just confused and discourage about these HDMI cables.... What is the big hype and why I can't get it to work with my components!!!
Isn't the Denon HDMI 1.2 and the Pioneer HDMI 1.3, I never could get the HDMI to work with my 3930ci!!!
How do I know if my DENON is the HDMI 1.2 and I'm almost certain that my Elite is HDMI 1.3 - so, do you honestly think that would be a hang up, if so, is there any work-a-round on this issue or I'm back using components? If that the case, I need to upgrade my components since mine are over 15 years old! Technology! You gotta love them or hate them.... I love them.... just getting the two dots connected is a little challenging.....
Wader, you shouldn't have to do this. My Marantz is HDMI 1.1 and it works fine on my Elite 111FD. Dumb question, but did you look at the menu on the Denon to see if any tricky settings are required for HDMI out?