Need Help Picking Out Bookshelf Speakers

Moved into a small space where my speakers have to go right on the fireplace mantle. Not ideal but that is what I have to do. 10 inches of depth to work with. Looking only at front ported or non-ported. Have MSB DAC IV+ with Signature Power Base, feeding direct to Sanders Magtech, source is computer digital audio. Listen to wide range of music from jazz, folk, rock, blues, electronica, just about anything but classical. Had Maggies but they have to go due to room issues. My buddy is going to give me his old Klipsch Sub to put in the corner so I will have some base. Budget is less than 4K but not sure anything over 2K is worth it because I feel the sound I will get will be limited by my room situation. Was thinking about the Harbeth p3esr (non-ported). The B&W 686 S2 (front ported) was also recommended to me. The Salk WOW1 or the Salk Silk (both front ported) are also options, although the Silk would stick over by an inch (whatever no biggie). I have never heard any of these. What do you think? Thanks in advance, Ward.
How high is the fireplace mantle? Or asked differently, what will be your listening position relative to the height of the speakers? Will you be on a couch, where the plane of the speakers is above your ears, or seated up higher in line with the speakers? And how big is the room?
If you have 10 inches of space than you could consider a nice pair of Epos Acoustics speakers (front slotted).
I haven't heard them, but what about those Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors that are made to go right agains the wall? Or the Gallo Reference wall mounts? (although those probably need subs)
Also, you might want to check out Linn Majik 109s. (I'm a Linn fan. I have Katans in one system and Majik 140s in another). The Majiks are really great and are front ported. From Stereophile:

"Another unusual aspect of the 109 is that the 2K array is mounted on a dedicated cast-alloy chassis directly in front of the front-firing reflex port. The impetus for this design came from Linn Japan, which was pressing for a bookshelf model diminutive enough to easily fit into a small Tokyo apartment. As a result, Linn chose a front-firing port to enable the speakers to function properly when placed flush against a wall."
I'm too short to reach them from the book shelf -- sorry.
I wouldn't throw a lot of money due to space limitations compromising sound... I personally would go with a wall mount approach and incorporate the sub...a littleore flexibility and speakers are solely designed for this application
wall mounts I own find to be excellent:

Krell Resolution 4
ACI Sapphire

my favorite sealed monitor is the Aerial 5

I have all 3 at home ... if you are near NE PA you could come by and listen or possibly I could bring them to you to hear in your room
The Salk Wow 1 is supposed to be a lot of speaker for the money, and you can do a free home trial and see how it works in your space. I'd be very tempted to try that.
Gallo Strada or Strada II. These are the most flexible speakers I have ever owned. I would get a gallo sub with them as they rely heavily on integration with a bass box.