Need help picking a CD Player

I am looking for a CD Player under 2000$ new or used. My speakers and amp are PSB Sync. and Parasound Halo A21, combined they have a forward, smooth sound. Any advice on a good match CDP would be great. I heard the Rega Apollo-R and it wasn't for me, I preferred the QUAD Elite CDP in comparison. I have also heard good things about the Audiolab CDQ but can't audition one in USA. My current preamp is weak and thought the volume control/preamp built in to the CDP would be wise to use the balanced conn. to my amp too. Thanks for your advice! Watson
You could try a used Musical Fidelity CD PRE 24 . One in good condition would be in the $1000 - $1200 range.

The beauty of this component, in addition to the performance of the CD player, is the excellent preamp. Built like a tank.

Check out the attached review.

My standard recommendation meets your requirements perfectly. Get a used Resolution Audio Opus 21.
Get an Opus 21 as mentioned or perhaps a Sony 5400. Another good choice is the Oppo 95!
Thanks, this is my 1st system so the advice is great. Should i be looking for a laidback/warmer CDP (sound i think i prefer) or a smooth CDP that mirrors the halos sound? I don't know much about mixing components and advice would be great. Has anyone heard the Quad Elite CDP? Thanks again -
Hey Watsonbules, save $1K and invest in a brand new Rotel RCD-1520 CDP. I had the RCD-1072 for about 6 years which was fabulous but got the upgrade bug. Purchased the 1520 a few months ago and love it. Combined with a pair of AQ King Cobras, man it is sweet. I love the front slot loading mechanism vs the drawer and it does NOT impact the disks at all as you may think it would. You can't beat that Rotel build quality and long trouble free life. I listen to everything from pure jazz, smooth jazz, classic rock & blues, roots and soul and some classical. This machine handles it all well and balanced.