Need Help - Panasonic RF-2200 Radio -Strap & Clips

Need some help!

I just bought a Panasonic RF-2200 portable radio on the Internet. Considered possibly the best portable AM/FM/DX/SW radio ever made. Probably overpaid but it isin very good condition. Much to my chagrin, it is missing both the carrying strap and the clips that hold the strap to the unit. I was not told about this or I would not have paid the premium price.

It's the black color design - not the gray color design. Forgot which was made first. I understand that there are different strap and clip designs for each model.

This baby is a beast and tough/awkward to move/carry around without a strap. Forget bringing it along on a hike or for a short walk down the beach let alone moving it from room to room in the house. It's just an accident waiting to happen.

Innocent family members have already tried to move it by grabbing the horizontal rotational AM antenna rod thinking that it was a handle. I fear thatsome day there will be an accident and this very valuable radio willget damaged.

Bottom line: anyone got a spare strap and two clips to help me out? I am willing to pay a fair price. Please pass the word on to appropriate sources if you can.

If you have any work arounds or kluges - it would be much appreciated too. Obviously without the clips it will be extremely difficult to attach anythingto the radio. Also, I don't want to force any screws or similar clip like devices that will damage the unit and compromise the value. As I said,I have probably paid too much as it is.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much!!
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This may not be the nature of help you hoped for but,...
try a luggage store (or website) for nylon web shoulder straps which may fit.
Worse comes to worse, if you can overlook the fashion statement, a thin leather dress belt or woven military-style webbing belt.
Sorry, that's all I got.