Need help on tubes for my Lyr

Greetings all.

So my new rig consists of the Schiit Bifrost Uber USB/Schiit Lyr/Hifiman HE500 and my computer. I really love the sound but want to bump it up a notch and get some premium tubes but I don't know which ones. I know many great tubes but don't know which to buy. There's around 10 tubes in my head right now that I can think of buying but I fear some may not sound good with my setup. I want a more warmer sound with more emphasis on the lower end in terms of bass extension, decay and "oomph" because right now, my EDM music has been quite boring without the lower end. My budget is $150 USD for the pair. I will not have sufficient funds to exceed that budget unfortunately so I really want to buy a good pair of tubes and hopefully love them and use them till they expire which is 5,000 - 10,000 hours I believe. I'm new to this whole tube world so please shed some light. Thank you all, any help much appreciated. :)

tldr; Good tubes for Bifrost Uber, Lyr and Hifiman HE500 for under $150/pair. Thanks!

What model tube are you looking for
The best data on tubes on the net is Jobs Tube Lore.

Joes Tube Lore

Use this guide to verify recommendations from others. I have found Joe to be dead on with my own observations.

Hmm, thanks for the suggestions guys. As for the model I am looking for, I am not sure yet exactly because I am new to this so just any tubes you guys use that are worth mentioning. I want the best for the money and is easy to find on like tube monger or ebay or even on these forums. I have been looking at the La Radiotechnique E188CC RTC's but they seem to be quite rare and the Amperex Orange Globes but I hear those are quite boring for the HE500s so I will have to get more help :/
Arh - think this is what you were asking - "Lyr ships with NOS GE 6BZ7 tubes, but feel free to substitute any 6DJ8, 6922, ECC88, 6BZ7, CV2492, CV2493, or 6N1P "
Highroller - wht not call Schiit and see if they have a suggestion to match better to your liking with the cans you have.

Also I found this post on headfi if you haven't seen it

"Favorite tubes for my Lyr / PS Audio D-Link3 with following headphones:
HE-500 - Amperex Bugle Boys, D-getter, '58-'59
Mullard CV-2492/3, '60s

Also, again if you haven't seen it here is the headfi search on all Lyr threads there
With the HE-500 you need to try the Matsu 6922 tubes, it will suit your music well.
Thanks for the replies guys, appreciate them. Uhm i have read some of the schiit lyr tube rolling threads on headfi and according to those people the mitsu 6922 and la radiotechnique RTC e188cc... Any other suggestions?