need help on transparent sounding 12au7 tubes


I'm currently using NOS RCA clear top 12au7 in my Audio Valve Eklipse preamp. Looking for a 12au7 that's more transparent, detailed, maybe higher resolution to try with this preamp. Not looking for a tubey sound. Thanks.
RFT from I have had very good luck with the RFT "fats". They are a nice inexpensive alternative. I use a hypex based power amp and the combo of tube with "class d" gives me a sound that is both warm and highly detailed.
Try Sylvania nos marked Baldwin organ from the early sixties, just picked up a pair on ebay for $6.00. I like these better than any other I have tried.
Been through a whole lot of 12AU7's recently on a "quest" of sorts. I finally settled on the RCA triple mica black plate 5814's. They seem to do it all.

The Mullards definitely have an appeal, and do sound different from most other tubes. However there's too much to give up with these to get that seductive midrange. The top and bottom extension just isn't there. They are not neutral sounding. However, as I said, what they do have is very seductive.

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