Need help on speakers for the Linn Classik Movie

I am setting this system up in a small family room and need Book Shelf speakers ( no stands ) I auditioned the Sonus Faber Concerto which I am leaning towards at the moment.
Would these match up well? I do have room to go up one size in the Sonus Faber line but I am open to suggestions of other speakers ( book shelf ) I could and should audition.
I also plan on adding the small Rel Q-108 Sub to this set up.
Any help would be appreciated.
PS. I will have the Linn into a Sony 42" Plasma but I do not plan on using it as a 5.1 system.

Did you try the Linn Katans ? They would go well, especially if you augment them with the Rel. And they are nice to look at, like the Sonus Fabers.