Need help on speakers

Suggestions please, The current system is as follows, Power is Jadis Defy 7, Pre-amp is Jadis JPS2, CD/SACD Shanling t-200 (hot rod) Interconnects/speaker cable Audioquest. Just sold off my Sonus Faber Auditors. Now looking for fullrange . The Wilson 7, Von schweikert vr4genIII SE, and Talon raven-c. My taste in music is pop, rock,modern,jazz, and vocals. room size is small 14 x 20 with a 9' celling. Ideas please. thanks, craig
Craig, it seems like your room might be a little small for some of those bigger speakers. There is a thread right now about speaker size and room size. Take a look at the comments made by Nrchy.

The speakers you ask about are pretty good. I'm not really impressed with the Von Schweikert, but the 7's and the Ravens are really good. Have you given any thought to the Cremona?
For your room size, which is about the same as mine I suggest highly that you listen to the B&W Nautilus 800 line of speakers. I have the matrix 803's and love them. Have heard the Nautilus 801, 802,803, 805SE, and the AWSOME 800's. Listen to these befor you buy. In my opinion the 803's are a steal for the sound quality. If you like a huge layered soundstage, neutrality, and good bass for your size room, you should give them a try.