Need help on speaker choice

Need advice on speakers (all used)
1) Bohlender Radia 420
2) Acoustat spectra 11 or 22
3) Carver Amazing III
4) Apogee Cepheus 6 or Slant 6
I have always preferred planer/esl sound.
System as follows:
Carver C-1000 (300 watts @ 4 ohms)
Panasonic H1000 dvd/cd
N.E.A.R. PS2 powered sub
use = 70% music 30% home theater
Any help is appreciated as I will be living with my choice
for a long time.

You are probably going to get a real mixed bag of opinion on your question, and FWIW, here's mine.

I have no experience with the Bohlenders, but have owned Acoustats and Carver Amazings, and done a lot of listening to a pair of Slant 6's owned by a friend.

The Acoustat Spectra 11 and 22's were sort of the final products offered by Acoustat before they folded, and as such they utilize the best technology the company had developed. I personally liked my Acoustats, although they were quite inefficient (81-82 db).

The Carver Amazings threw a much bigger, holographic soundstage than the Acoustats, but they were a bugger to drive. Your 300 wpc Carver amp may sound like it has enough juice to handle the Amazings, but it may not -- particularly if you like to listen at high volume levels.

Of the speakers where I have direct experience, I'd choose the Slant 6's. I think they do more things right than the others, although they don't match the large image of the Amazings.

Maybe someone who has experience with the Bohlenders can provide some insight about them for you.
Have you ever thought of a kit using the Raven ribbon tweeters:, and have some to start. Its a nice modern ribbon tweet and very efficient.
Hello, Had you ever considered the Von Schweikert VR-4 series speakers or the Gallo Reference. Both throw a large soundstage with good detail and are easy to drive.Both have a planar type presentation.With the VR-4s ,you could use the sub as a LFE on movies-flat to 20hz.The good thing about the Gallos ,is their simply crossover which translates into being able to sit closer to them {depeding on room size}.Before pursuing the other choices,investigate these two products.Depending on your cables and room,either would work nicely.Good luck! Tom
Check out the Innersound Isis.
Thanks to all for your imput. Decisions, decisions!
The original Martin Logan CLS (before they beefed up the panel to handle more wattage) is still generally considered to be a reference against many should be compared. Ocassionally found used for under $2000. They really are wonderful.
I have owned Martin Logan Request, Acoustat, Klipschorns, Carvers, Infinity, ETC. I will tell you that with a good powerful amp, I wish I still had my Carvers. I am currently set up with an M&K home theater which is amazing but for my 2-channel listening the carver was the best. Hope this helps.
I owned a pair of Accustat 11s. The planar element is sweet, sweet, sweet.

The bass module sucks, sucks, sucks.

And the transition between them is like a fast ride down a rough country road.

What is our room size as that will have an effect on your speaker choice.
Go demo the Monsoon FPF-1000's they are amazing especially for the price.