Need help on phono stage

Looking for some advice on a phono pre stage. Have a Rega P6 with a Rega Aphetta 3 cart. The Aphetta 3 was a recent upgrade from the Rega Ania cart, was a deal from a friend I could not pass up. Have the Rega Fono MC pre. Should I consider another phono pre stage? Would be willing to spend up to 2000 but would consider higher.

current setup

Rega P6 with Aphetta 3

Rega Fono MC

Rega Apollo Cd

Rogers Hi Fi KWM 88 Integrated

Blue Sound Node 2

Tekton Moab

Morrow level 6 for speaker wire and all interconnects

Overall I am happy with sound but feel I could get better from the Aphetta 3 with a new pre stage. ???

is the Rega Aria worth it or any other suggestions? Not looking to replace any other components on this system.

Any advice is appreciated.


For roughly the price of the Aria you can purchase the Black Ice Audio Fusion 159 phono stage. Since Rega has a fixed headshell (no azimuth adjustability), the very useful and easy to use electronic azimuth adjustment provided by the F159 is a must have in my mind. And yes, I own one and find it one of the sleeper bargains in high end audio.

The Aria and Apheta 3 would have great synergy since they were designed with each other in mind. I have owned the Aria with the Apheta 3 although I had the P8 and I thought it was fantastic.  I've since moved up the Rega line.

You've received some great recommendations above but if you like the Rega sound, the Aria would be a great addition/upgrade to your set-up.

Have a P6, replaced platter and sub platter with Grovetracer but the best cart I’ve heard on my Rega is the Denon 103 paired with a Herron VTPH2.

i believe the aphetta is too tall for the P6, 17mm vs 14mm.  you may want to try tonearm spacers to raise the tail especially if the sound lacks detail

Great advice! I did a little thinking and I am going to upgrade to the P8 and already bought the Aria MK3. With the Apheta 3 this makes the most sense. 
Happy holidays and thanks again for helping me make a decision!