Need help on one box CD player.

Hi I am looking for a box 24/96Hz CD. My current set up is Lenvinson power/pre and listening ot mostly new age an instruments music. I have short listen Meridien 508.24 and Electrocompaniet EMC1, anybody have any experience with this player or a better suggestion? I am also consider to add in a DAC in future. Thanks for any feedback. Cheers Jimmy
Hi Jimmy. You have to try the Muse 9 or the 9S. They sound incredible, very musical. It also plays DVD's. It is upgradable in the future. I have been looking and trying many different boxes and this one sound the best so far. If you don't have a dealer close to you check with Brian at Hello Hi Fi. He has a demo. You have to listen to it before you get any other box.
The SimAudio Celeste is superb. Also, consider the DVD player-24/96 DAC route...such as the Bel Canto DAC-1. Best of luck
The Meridian 508.24 is the best all around player (that is still reasonably affordable) IMHO. It isn't bright or laid back, it just plays music right. They would probably be a lot more popular if they were housed in a 60 lb aluminum chassis.
I've owned both the Meridian and the Electrocompaniet. They are both excellent. The EMC-1 by a nose based on my taste. I now have the 47 Labs Flat Fish w/ progression dac and it is the best I have heard.
I tried most out there, finally bought a YBA Integre, very nice player. Almost analog sounding, if you get a chance, take a listen.
Get the Resolution CD 50 or CD 55. This CD player is amazing. Its sounds so sweet. Its 24/96Hz. Thanks. [email protected]