Need help on old music

I have a elderly neighbor who has some very old reords, she is in dire need of money and asked my help on finding its value, I am a long time member of audiogon but I have no experience in this field, ther are many old 78 recodings most in 6 to 8 condition, she also has a boxed set of of the original south pacific by rodgers and hammerstein with the original cast, the box is in 7 condition due to age, the records and jackets are in 9 condition, can anyone shed some light on where I can get info on the value of these, thanks
I am sorry, for your friend my best wishes to her. unfortunately, soundtracks and the old run of the mill stuff, have very little market value, unless you have some Pop stuff, like Elvis, Buddy Holley, Rickey Nelson on 78 then your taking big bucks of course condition++++ is very important. Another hot item are the early vouge, 78 picture records. Good luck hope I helped.
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