need help on minimal analog set-up

Thanks in advance for any help. I am considering an analog only set-up for my small study. Turntable/phono/pre/headphones only. maybe future small speakers. I have an old Mitsubishi LT-5V turntable that i am thinking of resurecting. i am not a big hardware man (serious software collection), my living rooom system consists of nads, rega 25 and rega Rega Super Elys, lehmann black cube, totem sig 1's, cardas and kimber wire. Any recs on cartrige for the mits, or dump the mits, phono /pre/ headphones, etc? say i invest 4k total, used. would be interested in tube.

thanks again,
Phono set up? headphones? Tubes?

Monolithic Sound PS-1, Melos SHA-1/2/3 tube headphone amp/linestage pre & some decent used SS amp.

Speakers: how big is the room? Will near field speakers do the job?

TT: bring your Rega...
Thanks for the input.
The room is 12'x 16'. concrete floors, 3' concrete low wall, 3' of glass above that, and a hard gabeled ceiling.
I believe the discontinued Anthem Pre-1 by Sonic Frontiers has phono and a headphone amp. Used probably +/- $500.
Music Hall MMF-7 with supplied Goldring cartridge
Melos Sha-Gold
Lehmann Black Cube
.5 meter Harmaonic Tech.Pro-Silway MK2 interconnect
Grado SR-225 phones
Buy used and you're way under 4 grand.
Rats, I now only think the Anthem Pre-1L and Pre-2L have the built in headphone amp. The original Pre-1 does not. Still the 1L and 2L are great pre's for the price, but will need a separate phono stage/preamp.
Hey Gary:

I'm with Dave, I think that's a great recommendation! You might also consider an SF Line 1 or 2 in place of the Melos as they employ the Headroom headphone circuit. This will be a great foundation for you to add an amp and speakers to when you're ready. (Hint: You might be tempted to swap the Rega and the Music Hall, you never know!)

thanks a ton for the great ideas.
i had a thought.
what if i do a turntable + phono stage + headphone amp + headphones.
take it one step further, make the phono stage and headphone amp battery op, like the grado head amp. i know that there is some battery driven phono stage out there, some paranoid driven box that deals with ac interference...

thanks again,

Get yourself a used NAD 3020. It's phono section is very respectable. I still have mine and I use it in my study office. It can drive any speaker system to decent levels without strain and accomodate most cartirdges. It sounds great with Spendor/Rogers Harbeth 3/5's and I took it to a freind's house and drove his Turntable Cartridge through Thiel 1.5 to a more than sufficent satisfactory level.A NAD 3020 goes on the net auciton houses for around $100 - $200. With the money you save you can upgrade turntable and blow the rest on records! The 3020A and the 3020B are the same except the 3020A has a mono switch. You won't be sorry. Has all of your other requirements.