Need help on long speaker cable

I have to run long (40ft) IN WALL speaker cables. The amp is EAD PM1000 and the speaker is Aerial 10t. Any suggestions for the cabling? Thanks a lot and happy year. Shenzhi
QED Qudos fits the requirement for performance to cost considerations plus it is able to be run in longer lenghts.visit
Thanks Goroi. But does QED has US dealer? Shenzhi
I had the same problem. I dont know what your set up is but my solution was to move my amps to the speakers and run long balanced interconnects instead.
After trying it both ways, I endorse Perfectimage's suggestion: get monoblock amps and run long interconnects and VERY short speaker cables. It paid off big for me!
Balanced or not? cost? Thanks, shenzhi
You can make long runs of Sumiko Ocos and as high-end speaker cable goes, its not terribly expensive. The cable is easy to snake through tight spaces as well.
For long runs balanced is the best way to go. I dont think cost is any more for a balanced connection and if it is its a very small amount. Check out They have great clearence prices on cables and have a great return policy.
Long IC short cable for best results