need help on choosing right power cord!

i recently purchased a resolution audio cd-55 cdp,i'm wondering if anybody can help me with selecting the right power cord for it?also for my amp mccormack dna-2 limited edition?my budget for each cord is around $300-600.i'm considering the black mamba,bmi eel reference.any thoughts on those is very much appreciated!thanks!steve.
My suggetion: Syn.Research.It has good resale,not to mention it is a great power cord.-That can't be said of eel.I own all three(your 2 + Syn,master and reference) If you can stretch;go for king cobra 900/1000 used-you won't be disappointed,makes the other ones seem like toy power cords.
I would suggest Electraglide used. Either the regular or the Reference.They start used at about $200 and around $600 for the Reference. Remarkable cords that are smooth and detailed with plenty of bass slam.
The EEL vs the SR Master. I have one of the SRs and three of the EELs The SR was a lot leaner and brighter verse the EEL and moved it to my home theater setup. The EELs are more dynamic, detailed and incredible tight bass. I am currently using two on my LAMM ML2s (mono-blocks), and the other EEL on my Audio Research Reference Two preamp. In my opinion, the EEL is much greater value than the SR on both performance and price. THE END....
Stealth HAC cord for the money will be hard to beat. If you can spring for about $1200 I here the FIM gold cord is simply amazing beating out the likes of the Powersnakes King Cobra II.
Since you specifically asked about the Resolution Audio CDP... The TG Audio power cord HSR-a I believe is the model number, it worked very well on the CD50 when I auditioned it. The Resolution Audio people recommend TG cords too, and they're very reasonably priced to boot. My experience with the Synergistic cords suggests they wouldn't be so hot on digital gear, but I agree, the Shunyatas may be a nice choice, though higher $$ than the TG Audio. Finally, I liked what the ESP The Essence cord did on my Sony SCD-1, but I have no experience with it on the Resolution Audio CDPs.
My local hifi dealer have recommend me to upgrade the power cord in my EMC-1 which the cord does not come cheap. Is a good quality power really make the Hi-Fi components sings better. I hope some one can answer my question.
I second the Stealth HAC recommendation. Look them up and learn about their technology at I'm using two, and have used several other "name brands", and they certainly beat the others by a clear margin.
Ugin. I own the EMC-1. If you can spend $1200 on the FIM PC It will transform the performance of this fine CD player to a level that you have to hear to believe. A must audition.
Hi Hungo. In your posted price range try a used cobra ($600 to 700) or coincident PC at $275. If you can streach to $1200 for FIM you will not regret.
I remember Wadia demonstrated their new CD player with Electraglide! I heard it is very good for the digital sources...? I guess i will go along with 7671
Have an's pretty amazing right out of the box. What did you accomplish with the power cord upgrade, and maybe more importantly for me (I need almost 3 meters...ouch pricewise) I wonder what you were looking to do to the stock sound of the E? IMO,.the sound jump factor and the slam is awesome yet on Frank Sinatra it is like he is in the room and somehow more subtle. This is one different player...some of the older 16 bits that didn't play with my $8000 separates 'cause of grunge (and I had the top de-jitter hooked up) sound fine...other's its too "BIG" for the digital mistakes make last decade--or the 80s--in digital mastering. Which can be fixed by just turning down the volume a little...otherwise this is more amazing than the Levinson was when I first heard the separates.
The power cord thing has had me either intrigued or quizzical for some time. Or, it has my head all #@%&^! up! Let's say that I was to put something like TG Audio cords,(reasonable and favorably reviewed by my compadres), in all of my components that allow power cord switches (Monarchy Audio transport, Resolution Audio Quantum DAC -- it needs two cords --, McCormack DNA1 Deluxe and Martin Logan CLSII's -- can't add power cords to the Audible Illusions Modulus 3). So, people, we're talking 6 power cords at $??? per cord. What sonic differences should I expect to hear? Do I replace all at the same time? Do I drive myself nuts by %^#$$^ around with replacing the cord(s) on each component and try to figure out whether to go with each individual upgrade or stay with the OE cord? My system is making music -- everything seems to work pretty well together. I'm saving my pennies to buy a big balls tube amp for the CLS's but would upgrade power cords in the meantime if it makes a big difference. Does it? Sometimes I think that heroin would be less expensive and far less frustrating. Thanks in advance.
Hunglo, I would have to agree with Fhydrant, the EEl is very tough to beat. For what it is worth I tried several cords with my Cd50 from the cheap (MIT) to the ridiculous (Viper) and found this cord to be a great match and an even better value. I have an extra available if you want it I just recently ditched my line conditioner and am running out of the wall with equally good results. email me if interested.
Hi Hunglo; I use a Syn. Res. Master Coupler (SR/MC) on my McCormack DNA-2DX with good results. If you don't already know it, The DNA-2 amps use the larger 20 amp receptacle, and not all power cords are available in the 20 amp configuration. I had to special order one, through a Synergistic dealer-- that's a minor downside of this otherwise great amp. I was able to try a Shunyata Sidewinder (in 20 amp)-- it was very quick, but had lightweight bass, and I much preferred the SR. I ended up putting the SR/MCs on everything but want to try some others. I think many companies will make up 20 amp cords for you, but I seldom see them used. Good Luck. Craig.
Can anyone tell me the web site for FIM and EE1 power cord. Is the FIM is a model or a brand?? Many Thanks!!
Brulee: wrote text above (Djin) but would like to know why you upgraded in some specific terms what you noticed as the change? How was your EMC 1 stock?? (Mine came with European cord so I had to use 14ga "Belden" shielded--the AudioAsylum fave--and wonder what I would encounter with a custom 8=8ft cord? Thanks
you can view the FIM ac cords on:
thank you all for responding! happy listening! steve