Need help on choosing power conditioner

Hi Everyone
Right now I am seeking a power conditioner for my system.
I have interested in the Shunyata Hydra 8 , Audience Ar6, and Isoclean 60ii. However, I don't have a chance to try them before buying so I need everyone's advise to help me choose the best one.

Many thanks
Add the PurePower to that list and buy it above the rest.
add the world power 'power wing ' to your list also..and i think you can audition it through alan kafton at have tried 2 of the ones mentioned in your post and the pw is far also have the ability to choose the oyaide outlets that best fit your system..good luck
I took Calloway's advice four years ago and auditioned the Power Wing, and have never looked back. I've had fellow Audiogon members email me telling me that they also chose the Power Wing over one mentioned and two that you didn't mention, even some modified versions. Call Alan and he'll send you one to audition, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

try furman IT ref 15 or 20---just excellent products
Have used a Shunyata Hydra (old and new): nice stuff. Now have $10k in Isoclean in my system and I'd not change a thing.

NB if you can't "go deep" on Isoclean (i.e. 3030 transformers and 60-80 amp filters), you may not want to bother. Perhaps at the Isoclean 60 only budget level, with no plans for later expenditure, I'd just go Audience or try the others. I haven't owned them: I have no opinion on them.
Well first of all, there is no 'best'. Many will have their opinions of 'best', but 'best' means many different things to many different people.

That being said, and the fact that I haven't tried all of the products mentioned so far, currently I would add a Running Springs Audio Jaco or Haley to your list. When used with the proper power cord, which I find is the most under rated aspect to a power conditioner's performance, the RSA products are solid performers especially considering the cost.

One day I would like to try a Power Wing myself, a Acoustic Revive RTP-6 is also very high up on my radar.

I would get the Foundation Research. My second choice would be Furman. And my third would be PS Audio
If possible I would run dedicated AC lines if you have not already done so. I have found this to give more improvement and it is not expensive.
Back again. Totally agree with Stanwal: if you haven't done dedicated lines, I would start there. It's way cheaper (probably) than even the cheapest decent conditioners and some people just don't like conditioners on their power amps. More draw makes some conditioners sound "soft" and may constrain dynamic range.

My amps don't draw much power, so I have more flexibility with conditioners than a guy with say, Krell 600 FBP's
That said, conditioners are really system dependent, but, to paraphrase Sarah Lee, "Nobody doesn't like dedicated lines."
thanks everyone
I will look at the Power Wing.
which power AC line will you recommend to me?

is it the PS audio Premier?
I have checked the power wing on audiogon and get no result(everyone must love it a lot)

Anyone who is planning to sell their Audience ar6, Shunyata Hydra 8 or Power Wing , plz let me know
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many thanks