Need help on an all rounder speaker under $5000

Hello dear audiogoners

I am newbie here and also to the world of high end audio.
I dont know whether 5000 is high end in the audio world but whatever.

I am not an audiophile and i am not looking for details and clarity in music. I want a system that is versatile, that can play everything form brilliant CD recordings to Compressed MP3 formats. All genres from rock to classical to electronic.

My collection is a mix of MP3, High quality audio, some CDs and also live recordings.
So i really needed something warm and colorful that can shine with everything. Something that is just a happy speaker!!
Most of all something that is enjoyable.
I request you all to give me some suggestions. I live in India so brand availability is a question but i get most of the brands here and can audition many of them of just shoot. Also if you can mention associated equipment.
I myself think the Legacy Audio Studio HD is a great value. I've been to the factory in Springfield Illinois and met with the owner. He ships overseas all the time. They are $1400 a pair. It's a very sensitive speaker running at 4 ohms and 93 dB. You can put any decent amp on it be it a solid state to a tube amp. You can also bi-wire it no problem. This is my second pair that I bought last yr. My first pair I bought in 1995. Look them up on the web:
In my opinion, these speakers are keepers. They will last you decades because the quality is very high. Good luck.
Many options at this price point. B & W and Focal offer many different price points. I especially like the Berylium line by Focal. If you like pro studio quality, the ATC 25s.
Thanks for the response.
I have heard the B&W, i like them.

I just dont know if they will be okay playing an MP3 compressed file. Or they might actually make it sound really bad.
I am looking for a system that supports all kinds of low bit rate files as well.
So i guess Pro Audio is out because that will really make it it sound flat and ugly.
OHM Walsh
Your budget would allow you to go with PSB Speakers' top of the line, the giant-killing Synchrony One.

Here are comprehensive reviews from Stereophile and Soundstage. Don't forget to look at SS's measurements. This speaker has exemplary frequency linearity and very low cabinet resonance, making for an unexpectedly resolving--yet smooth and musical--sound.

It always shows up prominently in Stereophile's Recommended Components (Class A, limited LF, alongside $12K to $36K speakers) and Absolute Sound's Editor's Choice issues. PSB speakers have a natural tonal balance and lack of harshness that make them very easy to live with over the long haul. Their midrange is natural and transparent while the bass is extended, clean, and well-integrated.
Hard to go wrong with Harbeth.
Anthony Gallo 3.5 or 3.1 do a lot right
Actually, both ATC and B & W should sound incredible with MP3s. I would recommend the B & W 650s or the PM1s. Try ATC 16As or 25As. You get a built in amp. They have a new CD/pre-amp/DAC coming out. Both lines have won numerous awards with the British press.
A couple brands that come to mind that might help avoid highlighting the grain/etch/thinness of poorer recordings while also doing justice to good recordings are Vandersteen and Nola. I'd think Harbeth would very well be worth a listen as well. Best of luck.
You would be hard pressed to find anything better than the pair of Green Mountain Audio C3s that are for sale here on Agon. They can play any type of music and play it well. Not only will you get the details in the music, but you will get the musicians in the room with you. An audiophile cliche' for sure, but true nonetheless.

These are highly engaging speakers that got me off the merry go round, and will keep you from ever getting on it.

Not affilited with the seller in any way.

Seconding Glenner on the Gallo 3.5s, which can be had at your price point.

Second the PSB Synchrony One recommendation. It is more open than the Stratus Gold, my previous favority. Sounds somewhat similar to a B&W 802 but much cheaper.
Thanks a lot everybody.
i will starting next week look to audition ATC, Harbeth and Gallo and PSb compare them with each other and B&W that i have heard.

I am not sure if i can get to hear Green mountain and Ohm Walsh in India.

Will let you all know what i think and maybe can get some more advice.
Thanks a lo!
"I am not sure if i can get to hear Green mountain and Ohm Walsh in India."

No distribution there I know of. ONly US, GErmany, and I think AUstralia.
With the right amp (lots of current) Thiel CS 2.4 fits the bill. Thiel has aver undeserving rep as bright, but that's not the case with a high quality amp
Lots of high value options in that range.

Don't know if they ship to India but the Von Schweikert VR33's have been highly praised. I can also endorse the Gallo Ref 3.xs, have had them for 7 years. Legacy also makes high value speakers in that range.
I heard the gallo 3.5, was very impressed.
Now soon i will here legacy, psb.

Hopefully will be able to make a decision then.
Thank you all for the help.