Need Help on a Krell KAV300cd Repair - have one?

I am installing a new 11 wire power supply (Krell used two different ones on the KAV300cd), but don't have the wiriring diagram. Does anyone have a 11 wire KAV300CD you could take a picture (of the wiring ) or a copy of the right skematics you can share

Many many thanks
I used to have one. It died and the cause was a bunch of the electrolytic capacitors in the audio output leaked and one caused a short. SO I shotgunned all the lytics in that audio output board that are across the plus and minus 5 Volts. Thinking I had many more years of service but shortly thereafter, the famous plastic gear in the CD mechanism shed it's teeth and no one has any except maybe Krell who quoted me 900$ to fix it. Sold it to an Asian ebay as is. I must say I also sold the matching amp and got a whole different matching system. Good luck with that. Maybe with 3D printing nowadays someone could replicate the gear.
Hi! I’ll try to make a picture of mine soon, yet I’m unsure it’s a 11 wire power supply. I think mine is the double C transfo version, but once again, you’ll see by yourself on the picture. Good evening from France.
Hello bobe1,
I have taken a picture of the 11 wire connexions on the power PCB. You can have a look at it there:
I’ll post more of this device later. good luck.