Need help-new room advise

I just moved into a two story townhouse with a loft. I set up my rig(ARC LS7, Counterpoint transport, Sonicfrontiers sfd 1 mk2 dac, Anthem amp 1, old HK tuner). Anyway my problem is echo although it's not a lot but the clap test reveals some. I have wall hangings,corner tunes, but no back wall to speak of. There is a back wall but it's the upper part of the second floor and there are alot of windows. I plan to treat the windows shortly but would like any advise on keeping my music within the loft area as much as possible. I also thought of putting the other corner tunes on the back wall along with window treatments.( The back part of the loft has a banister/rail that I place my chair against).
Forgot to add my spkrs: Meadowlark Kestrals which are about a foot and a half from the wall. Thanks Bret
You might try hanging a heavy drape behind you, if done correctly it might look fine from below.
The drape is a great idea. I would put it on a curtain rod so that when your not listening you can open it. Also treat your windows ASAP. That will give you some warmth to your sound. Good Luck :)
Thanks all for the above suggestions. I think I have come to a solution that will come from JCpenny of all places. I was looking through a catalog last night and they have screens that you use as room dividers. One has curtains inside that can be changed for other material-heavy drapery as suggested I can also postion these screens for the best dispersion and still keep the loft in the WAF mode.(she actually suggested these screens). Anyway I'll give it shot and see what happens. Thanks again Bret
Let me know how the screen idea works Bret. I've thought about that for years but never tried it.