need help my amp make noise

my amp is cary 805, but this lately is humping, i already check tubes and ground isolate it better in low frequency but the high still there,the hump sometime get to my nerve ,please does anybody know how to fix this problem please tell me, do i have to change the CAP, but i dont know how to do it and where to buy those CAP, can you guy show me THANK YOU AND HAPPY LISTENING
You need to go to the website and either email, or telephone the number provided to get a personal answer. It does not matter if you purchased new or used. I bought NOS amplifier which had a problem with hum, and after trouble shooting by telephone, I sent to company for repair. No trouble with amp since repair. Real people answer the phone at Cary Audio.
I've had trouble with my dog humping my leg but never my amplifier. Just to be on the safe side, I'll stay away from it.