Need help: Monitor Audio Studio 2

Need help if anyone still own/remember Monitor Audio Studio 2

Hi everyone. I have managed to get a pair of Monitor Audio Studio 2 Speakers. It comes with Studio 2 SE boxes and advertised as 2 SE. However, on the back of the speakers show only Studio 2 with no 'SE'. To me, if the manufacturer can print the box, why can't they print the label? Or should it be a story behind this.

AFAIK, there were two 'SE' models which is Studio 2SE and Studio 20SE. I emailed the manufacturer and they said the 'SE' has improved tweeters. I have seen the 20SE with the round front plate tweeters and 20SE with the square/chamfered front plate tweeters but have never seen the 2SE with the round front plate tweeter.

Could anyone who know the story or even own ones enlightens me please.

I also would like to know where can I download the pdf manual of the 2SE as the manufacturer said they have lost it sometimes ago.

to date. i have seen 2 of 2se's with 2's serial badge. one was mine and other was other user's pictures on the internet. any comments welcome.