Need help Meridian 508 CD player Upper Midwest

I have an old 508.24 Meridian CD player that I have been using as a transport to an outboard DAC.  Lately it has been unable to read discs.  I tried cleaning the lens but this did not correct the problem.  Meridian no longer services these and I value this player for its build quality and sound.  Should I just buy a cheap CD player with a digital out or try to find someone who might be able to repair the meridian? 
I should add that the CD may not be spinning since when I eject the disc it isn't rotating like it usually does.  The display just reads No Disc.
No Audio component lasts forever, particularly disc  spinners.  However, I recommend Midwest Audio in Arlington HTs, Il.  Be prepared to wait several months, and you need to bring it in person. If I was you, I would just buy a new transport
@mahler123 Thanks for the lead.
I discovered this morning that after trying many discs I actually found one that it read:)   So it's not dead yet but slowly dying.
You can try Hitchhiker's Guide to Meridian, the Meridian enthusiasts online forum for help.