need help, looking for tube cd player.....

i just got a tube preamp (sonic frontiers line 1), and i am crazy about tubes right now, so i am looking to change my actual classe cd player for a tube cd player. my budget is around $1000 used. the rest of my system is thiel 2.4 speakers, classe ca-300 amp and acoustic zen cables.
thanks in advance
rodolfo coppel .
Audio Aero Prima. audiogon's bluebook shows they average a bit under $1,000.00, used.

If you find one hereabouts, you must act quickly as they go fast.
The Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CD player is a good sounding unit with two 6922 tubes. It is modified from a Marantz unit. It costs $699. With OEM tweaks including upgraded AC cord, feet, mat, and tube dampers, it goes for $847. An upgrade with 24/192 upsampler board adds $349, and you can customize the sound with LC Audio/Analog Devices op amps for $27/pair or Burr Brown op amps for $44/pair. It's sold online at I bought a plain vanilla 4000 for one of my systems a couple weeks ago, and it sounds pretty good. It also has kudos from various reviewers. Of course, these are prices for new stock. You might get a better player used for the same price. Good luck.
Well if you like the sound of the Sonic Frontiers Line 1, why don't you look for a Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 cd player. They came out in the mid-90's, and listed for $3795. You can find one used for around $1K. Keep the 'all in the family' sound.
mcgrogan2 is correct. The SFCD-1 is a really fine tubed CD player (even today). Just keep it powered up 24/7 (this is actually MUCH BETTER for the tubes, not to mention crucial for the solid-state componentry).

Good luck.
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